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for Maybe Don't Do As The Romans Do

6/2/2019 c13 23Rori Potter
Wow! Update soon.
4/17/2018 c13 rachel625
Oh my gosh! I have loved this so much! I wish you would have continued this! I would have loved to have read about them announcing their engagement and seen how everything went at the embassy. It was a very interesting AU!
8/8/2017 c13 Guest
Amazing :)
7/9/2010 c13 JJsMommy27
Good story so far you should finish this story you were doing a good job on it and you should complete it so update it soon
5/14/2007 c8 Waloy
4/12/2007 c13 2mrmp
I love this story, I hope you think about adding to it!
1/9/2007 c13 2Alenor
heya, this is a great story, i can't wait for more so i hope you update soon. cya later ~ Alenor.
1/4/2007 c13 cancan227
Please Update Soon
10/11/2006 c13 3central-gurl101
i wasnt paying attention just now and i saw the bye love so i'm like what? finns in this? but now i know its a dream GREAT STORY
8/2/2006 c13 Kriti
you go girl!that was so cool...i really like it!n they'r finally back together n going to get married!just let them get married in peace angry loralie's, no problems at office,no pissed off friends...just rory n tristan in their own bliss full world of love!..sigh...huh..well, thats how i like it n e way,the perfect i know its no story without some drama but thats how i wud really like it to do give them a happily ever after!...update soon!gr8 work!
7/18/2006 c13 12chemqueen
v. cute.
6/29/2006 c13 RoryLoganFan
I'm a little confused about one thing, so I was wondering if you could clarify this in an A/N in the next chapter...Why on earth did Rory take him back without him even giving an explanatin or begging for forgiveness about why he cheated on her...if it's coming in later chapters you don't have to say,but could you please put in an A/N that it will be coming in later chapters? Thanks! I really love this story. I love the whole thing about it. i hope they get married, I hope Lorelai and Luke are okay, and I hope that you update soon!
5/30/2006 c13 riotgirllina
o good chapter

aw they're so cute!

its not over is it? i need more trory goodness

update soon!
5/30/2006 c13 11KeitaWolf
Loved it.
5/30/2006 c13 D
I loved the flashback about how they first got together... very romantic! ... I wish my life was like that. hahahaha
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