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12/12/2015 c1 CristalSun
You know that you're about a decade late... but whatever, I don't think you'll be reading this.
Oh yeah, and... Anteoculatia! Calvario! Mucus Ad Nauseum! Densaugeo! Entomorphis! Avifors! Cantis! Furunculus! ...
Um... I guess I went a bit far? But, no worry, I only tranformed you into a bald bird with antlers... with beaver teeth... with pimples... and a runny nose...that sings... and that acts like a bug... Maybe I should just undo those spells, 'cause this might be going too far. And it's traumatizing.

Anyway, I guess you'll receive those spells when you open those. I hope you've got your wand nearby (mine is unicorn and maple wood by the way) because you MIGHT have to undo those spells...

Have a nice day!

A person who knows he/ she seems very weird.
3/20/2011 c1 1missingmara
your story is great! will you be updating it? i really liked the beginning and would love to see some Hogwarts scenes in the future. :)
1/24/2011 c1 241Neko-chan -Silvered Tongue
Really interesting start! Curious to see what you'll be doing with this story~ :)
8/22/2006 c6 1KatsMeowRose
wow cool cant wait for more.
6/1/2006 c6 42Paw Print Pajamas
good story.
2/22/2006 c6 Flame Of Desire
ok so it's been awhile since u've updated so please update soon cause i like this fic so far
1/21/2006 c6 7iccypenguin
PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! PLEASE! WRITE MORE! oh and you DID leave a cliffhanger in the ending...although i still liked the ending a lot.hehe!

1/19/2006 c6 1smalltowngurl
Hey, a short chapter, which this one isn't too bad, is still better than no chapter. Just glad you updated. It's not a cliffhanger but there is something to it that makes it seems like a good place to take a breather. Your Dumbledore stuff isn't as bad as you think, and if you think he's hard, try typing up Hargrid stuff. You have to do the accent and wow is it hard, that's why in my story he has little importance and one line :P. Otherwise it was great and can't wait for the next part! I wonder how Ron will react to this?
12/24/2005 c5 7iccypenguin
i wonder how you smile a lopsided grin like what harry did...and what do you mean by 'the same voice said' when ron was waking harry up?and HURRY UP WITH THE CHAPTERS!

12/24/2005 c4 iccypenguin
i liked the beginning and the end!keep on writing!you have talent!

12/24/2005 c3 iccypenguin
LOL!now i liked this chapter a lot!i liked how hermione and ron were auguing about spells and quidditch,and how ron said how he doesn't get the girls.good chapter!can't wait for more!and i think it's sweet how mr.weasley treated mrs.weasley.

12/24/2005 c2 iccypenguin
lOL!love the prank!lol!good writing you've got there!can't wait to read more!you're on my favorite authors and favorite stories!

12/24/2005 c1 iccypenguin
this is a great chapter!you're a very very good writer!i can't wait till the third chatper and you did perfictly fine!don't worry!now write!oh and please give me some tips on how to write a good story.

11/3/2005 c5 16VG Jekyll
Hi DDwelling, I thought it to be time that I FINALLY read your work. Um okay. For reverence I use The Harry Potter Lexicon, search it with yahoo and favourite it, cause seriously... it is so handy when writing.

You need a Betareader, just like I do, cause no matter how many times we, as writers, check it over for mistakes, we are a little bit biased and tend not to notice some mistakes.

Quote: “IF YOU DON’T GET THAT BLASTED OWL OUT OF THIS ROOM, I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!” The veins on Vernon’s oversized neck popped out like balloons.

Me: Harry thinks; 'It already is, so booya to you!' ^_^

Quote: Well, Dad’s driving me mad with this whole “clean your room muggle style” thing. I’m not even half done.

Me, wondering randomly: Didn't pureblood kids had to clean as kids this way, because they had no wands yet? Hmm, of course there are House elves, but that would mean those kids miss a serious part of personality 'training'.

First chapter was nice of detail (though even more details is also appriciated) and good of dialogue, but the emotion misses a bit.

Ack, missing completely the emotion between Ginny and Harry! (hides voodoo-dol behind back) I am not a H/G-shipper, but if you go with canon... use it! There are so many emotions here, yet you do not use them.

Quote: “Work” to “Travelling” to “Home”.

Me: OH! I get it, I was wondering why they 'traveled so quickly' lol, they are apparating! Dumb me!

Shocking and surprising moments are great, but you either got to built up to them or make the surprise REALLY surprising. Cause most things were are more confusing then surprising.

Fourth chapter; arghh betareader! I'm Dutch and even I am shuddering at the crooked sentences. Like the one I just wrote, for example.

Again, the surprice for Harry must be built up, cause now in the story Harry is surprised, but the reader isn't. I don't feel like part of the story, while taht is very easy to arcieve if you just write certain things differently.

Ack, your age? Um... 21, 23? But... you cant be older than 20! That would mean you're older than me!

Oh, you can change the looks of the document, bold, and such in the program self. Didn't you know? It's very easy.

Ok, I'm not gonna read chapter five. Sorry, but I am kinda miffled at how it is written and already thinking up changes that could make it better. Which sucks when trying to read it, cause you totally forget what is going on.

I think you could get more reviews then the 6 you got and if you're willing I could help you, show what I mean. You know my e-mail I think? It's on my account and I think my AIM name is too. So if you feel like talking about this fic, MSN or AIM me. ^_^
8/31/2005 c1 2The Happy People
such a great story dd...YOU PORTRAYED THE DURSLEYS PERFECTLY!...

and if anybody says this is bad, at least it is better than what I'll ever write!
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