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8/20/2005 c3 3ContemporaryManner
Hello! So...what is going to happen? I know this is post-HBP, so a suggestion I have is that Harry is really an "adult" now, and so are all of them. It seems they're arrested in mid-adolesence in this story when they should really be standing around talking, feeling, and acting like grown men and women. Also, it seems like everybody isn't affected by Dumbledore's death...Harry seems a bit detached when Ginny is mentioned. It really reads like a Harry Potter book, just a pre-HBP or OoTP Harry Potter Book. Perhaps you can make this AU (Alternate Universe)? That's when you ignore all of the happenings in HBP or whatever was the latest HP book, or if you want to stick with the latest plot-line...

So, you left a review at Finding Lily Evans! I was really surprised, since I abandoned that story long ago (but I'm planning to start it up again sometime in the future). I'd like to respond, since I totally understand how irritating it is when people get their canon-info wrong. I guess I should've specified it in the story, but that was not BILL Weasley I was talking about, but Arthur Weasley's FATHER. I'm sure in canon Arthur's father is older than Minerva, but this was just an estimate. I thought Arthur was the type of person who would name his eldest son after his own father, who was, incidentally, William "Bill" Weasley. Just to let you know!
8/14/2005 c3 6BDShadothe
the story sounds good so far! update soon! =)
8/11/2005 c1 3Sash Ruby
You don't have to worry about anything. ^^; It was good. You portryaed all the characters perfectly, not something you see too often. You could make it a tad bit longer if you want. Right now, I'd say it's at the point where it's not a bother to read, but a little short. You didn't ramble either. Only thing that bothered me was how Harry was already skilled at Occlumens, Legillimens, and how he could do wandless spells. Anyway, seems like an interesting story, so I'll stay tuned.
8/11/2005 c1 1NicThePirate
great start i love question though...Dumbledores dead. how was he helping harry? just wonderin. its ok if hes alive its just u said it was based on the sixth book. but anyways...GREAT job. keep it up. check out my stori if youre bored sometime.
8/11/2005 c1 1smalltowngurl
oh no, detail is good, gives a clear picture to your readers, such as me. what else, i can't wait for the weasley's to come, they are so awsome. and that's all i got now. can't wait for the next chappy!
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