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for Broken Mind, Fractured Soul

8/30 c22 Tannimwolf
I m not one to post reviews but I have to for this one story for two reasons.

First about the story as a whole. I'm only on Chapter 24 but and despite the rather trite begining I have to say I love everythinng BUT the first chapter. Hated it so much that I almost chucked it in the bin. Glad I gave it a chance because I truely love what you are doing not only with Multiple Harry but more importantly Neville. Glad I started this one after it was finished because I can't wait to see how things develope ( curse you ADHD). Neville happens to be my favorite charactor in the series and few writers do him justice so a big thank you for this.

The second reason I am loving this story is just how accurately you have portraied MPD. No I don't work with kids who have this illness. I was one of those unlucky few back in the 70's and 80's when there was so little that was understood about this illness. Not one alter feels false. How each goes about protecting Harry rings true. BOY especially hits close to home. Thank you for this beautiful portrayal.

To those who are saying that this is not accurate I would ask what you are basing your opinion on. If you work with people who have this disorder then you know what it is like for these people. If you happen to have MPD then you KNOW from personal experiance and your opinion is also valid. FOr the rest we all know what opinions are like and what they are full of.

One last thing before I go. DO NOT slam spelling, grammer or other mistakes writers make in there stories. You don't know WHY they are being made. Many writers on this and other fan fic sites have some form of Learning Disability or have to deal with Dyslexia. Yes there are programs that can HELP with these issues but they don't come cheep and most writers are students or dworking 1 or more jobs to pY THE RENT. Give us a break and just enjoy the stories. If you can't then by all means write your own stories.

Again thank you ST for this amazing story.
8/8 c17 Catozes
Team effort
8/8 c3 Catozes
Hope Dumb-dore gets retribution for all the shit he does
And Lockhart as well..
6/26 c12 Guest
That was a highly unexpected ending—
But very plausible, for Neville
6/26 c11 Guest
Silas is impressive. My favorite. Seeing him angry is a rare treat. Rose used to be my second favorite, but now is Gabriel.
It’s intriguing how you only gave Rose the ability. I like how you wove this tale together to create an enthralling plot.
6/26 c8 Guest
Was Harry actually Silas in the scene with Mr Weasley? He acted disdainful and practical like Silas
6/26 c7 Guest
This is interesting
6/26 c3 Guest
I’m so sad Kitten was necessary.
Why can only Silas speak Parseltongue and is burned touching Gryffindor’s sword? Also why do I feel like he’sa reincarnation or form ofSalazar Slytherin… even their names are similar.
I love the burgeoning friendship between Gabriel and Silas. Hopefully they can become best friends. Boy is just heartbreaking :(
Also you made the mistake of spelling “dying” as “dieing” a few times—just tryna be helpful
6/26 c2 Guest
This is so unique, dark, fascinating, and nicely written. My Personal favorite personality is Silas, Rose is second. Boy is just pitiful.
6/26 c1 Guest
This is an immensely imaginative idea for a HP fic. Looking forward to the execution.
3/26 c1 Guest
This is complete garbage. Why did you even bother writing this?
2/28 c54 Sapphire Paire
i cannot find "the road not takencan you tell me where to find it?
8/28/2022 c38 30Sparky She-Demon
I am loving this story!
5/25/2022 c14 Nargelz
Harry’s prediction about the hipogriff was right tho
1/23/2022 c54 Soren
I'm not going to log in, because I don't remember my password.
I found this story due to the surge in DID awareness recently. I really enjoyed reading this and I that you for sharing it with us. And for leaving it available for people to find years later.
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