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4/1/2006 c4 9Mew-Sahara
Keiichiro is a girl! :D Pudding will never know...
4/1/2006 c2 Mew-Sahara
Awsomeness! Love the stroy line. Me spele wrong.. he he ehe
3/17/2006 c13 Yushi
OMG this is soo soo soo soo funny! Please update quickly!
1/26/2006 c13 2Mew Mew Orange
i wanna be in your story! just call me kumi-chan though ok
1/25/2006 c13 Amara Silvana
nope. don't like your stories. i l♥ve them! thanks for adding me to your list of people that you're going to put in games! and no worries about not updating so soon! as long as it doesn't take a year for 1 update, i'm happy! ^_^ please update ASAP!

1/20/2006 c13 17Raining Eros
Aw that was so cute. Whats operation? Never heard of it.
1/20/2006 c13 8hidden-in-sand
I VOTE FOR Simon Says! Anyway, please update soon!
1/20/2006 c13 Fireheartluver'sbeinglazy
Yayy! Thank's for letting me play Operation with Purin and Tart!

I love how this is going along with all of the games!
1/20/2006 c13 1Insert Generic Fan Name Here

ps.I still feel bad that you had to kiss Deep Blue poor you.

1/20/2006 c13 14Not here anymore45
I heard of a game called Dai Hin Min in fruits basket and you could find the rules at but other than that I would like to see what would happen if Pai and Ryou played chess. Anyway, please keep writing! UPDATE!
1/20/2006 c13 21Muffinizer
Nice. I like the whole thing about games. OH! Do Mario Power Tennis on Game Cube! Or or... Or do Mario Strikers or whatever! Soccer and Tennis.. Awesome games, so do that! xD I'm a fanatic about Mario games... Lol. xP
1/20/2006 c13 28Jenvaati
I suck at Operation! Aw, poor Taruto...Good chapter! I still think Foozball is a good idea...Maybe even pool...How about a tennis tournament? On Gamecube, haha.
1/6/2006 c5 3AnimeMew
o o me me pick me! I wanna play a game! I love games!Um I also love the cool ways you made the games work with the characters! UPDATE SOON MEW LIZZY!
1/3/2006 c5 1Stick'ums
LIZZY YOU BETTER PUT ME IN ONE OF THESE CHAPTERS. Hahaha, sorry, caps lock was on! -^_^- Anyway, this is a really funny, if not random, story! I like it! It's going on my story alert! But really, Taka wants to play!
1/2/2006 c12 Angels Strawberry Kiss
oh me me me me! *jumping up and down like purin* I will like to be in your story...any kind wil do *smiles big* Oh and great stories :P
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