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1/23/2006 c2 1Mihiru-chan
*shifty eyes* Band camp! =D OMFG! This story is halarious. Did you know band (and band camp) makes you go insane. As well as that's generally where the funny, and slightly odd comments come from (*cough*G*cough*. If you haven't figured out yet I'm in band (I play flute, and enjoy every laughing moment. Our teacher is got out of college like... last year and we can play pranks on him and not get in trouble so that makes band even funner! But now I'm drifting off topic... You story kick ass! Please update soon!
1/23/2006 c2 15MagicIsInTheArt
I LOVE BAND CAMP! you should make them go to a football game where it rains and they have to wear those ugly rain coats that smell like old people! thanks for the shout out ! hew, wanna be online friends? my e-mail is it has to be exactly like that or it wont go.without the period at the end of com of cource. When i was at band camp, I came in second at rookie camp out of like,maby 25 people if a drill off. I forgot to say SNAP out loud and my friend beat me. Oh well, thanks for updating. I shall love you forever.
1/1/2006 c1 MagicIsInTheArt
that is frekin halirous. damn strait about the clarinets,considering i am one. you are a great writer
8/21/2005 c1 13sangi
This is hilarious! ( I would say more, but there is really nothing else to say... )

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