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8/24/2005 c1 Bella
Oh, Kim, you've outdone yourself, again!

I can't get over how everything seems so natural and logical...the progression of the characters is perfect, and it's wonderful to see all those years together only made Yuri and Alice love each other more.

Now I'm going to have warm fuzzy feelings all day! *nugii*
8/15/2005 c1 15Puffy Tribulation
This is even better to read all pieced together!

The first half is full of domestic bliss, I just love a noisy house full of kids! It's utter chaos!

I still loved that part about the mannequin! I can easily picture Yuri trying to squeeze those boobies, dang it! he's still pervy!

Seems to me, Halley has the appearance of a refined gentleman, more so than Yuri...of course until they sat down to play cards! hee hee!

All those threats about cheating! hah it takes one to know one as master zhuzhy once said!

Preening and grinning like a jack' o lantern...heehee! It fits Halley so well! He's a kid all over again! I really thought he's gonna blow the house down, none of the men likes to lose, even if it's just a card game heehe!

I really enjoyed this! It's a scrumptious combination of domestic bliss, ego-filled tension (haha!) and a bit of (ahem!) teaser. It's how you've portrayed the characters, so natural, so fitting to their respective personalities-even after the span of many years, made this story really especial, that and the way you've written their tales.

Me wuv you!

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