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6/2/2008 c4 jules452
so what happens now? what will Henry say when he sees Danielle and gabriella at a dance with other guys? and will the Girls get their memories back?
1/4/2008 c1 7daughterofmusic
I haven't read it all yet, but it sounds.. interesting. There are a lot of grammar mistakes - you might consider letting someone proofread it and edit a little bit before posting it. I do have one question: is it supposed to be in play format? It sort of is. If you didn't mean to write it like that, maybe you could add in some of the characters' feelings and things.

No offense intended! It seems like an interesting story. It's just so mixed up that it is hard to read and understand (and I'm a big reader.) I will watch for more!

~Daughter of Music
11/2/2005 c2 Domocles
It's Francis I, darlin. This is cute ^_^
9/26/2005 c1 6TPolTucker
I would honestly have to say that I thought it would be a great story, until I started readin it. The first few lines gave me a headache, not done correctly, puntuality speakin of course. When someone speaks you have to have a seperate line for the speach and quotation marks, and make it in good paragraph form, when you do change this, I will return and re-read. Don't get me wrong here, I Like what I read so far. Just givin you some constructive critism, and if need be, I could beta it for you and send back what I fixed. Let me know.

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