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4/17/2007 c11 HaitianPrince93
this is probably my third readthru... its a great story... but Ginny and Rose being so pushy in the beginning is kinda annoying and they have the map first? Harrys supposed t get all the Marauder stuff! idk... i like the story but this kinda bothers me now... w.e... i just wanted t leave a comment... it is a great story tho
3/30/2007 c60 Randl Scot
This was a really good story it is a really good one I am loking foreword to reading the next story so please keep up the very good work and please have a nice day.
2/15/2007 c57 HaitianPrince93
o snap... i just realized Moody was the REAL Moody... and as soon as i realize it he dies... kinda mean i think... Cedric was a more meaningless sacrifice... Moody did the whole Ferret Boy thing... lol well nice chapter neways
2/15/2007 c56 HaitianPrince93
eww a 3 way tie... thats so not cool... Harry won lol
2/14/2007 c46 HaitianPrince93
its ok that Cedric isnt a champion. i honestly think the only reason he was a champion in the 4th book is because they needed some1 to kill off... idk he wasnt really important except to cause more hostility towards Harry... great chapter
2/11/2007 c33 HaitianPrince93
$20 on it being Susan Bones mom... i always wondered wen she lost her mom... this definately has t be it... bettr yet $200... im scared and confident at the same time :-D
2/11/2007 c30 HaitianPrince93
“Only twelve, Ron?” Ginny said, still glaring at her brother, “That’s one year older than when you went with Harry, Hermione and Neville to save the Stone. That’s one year older than I was when I was possessed by Riddle. And it’s the same age you and Harry were when you went to save me in the Chamber. So, don’t use it as a reason I can’t be with Harry.”

i understand the reasoning behind theyre early pairup. theyre growing up really fast... but isnt it a LIL WEIRD for them t only be in 2nd an 3rd yr and together? but i did like the lil bit wit James... i always wondered how that would go lmao
2/11/2007 c29 HaitianPrince93
3 yrs 2 early? i would agree... it didnt have t be dramatic like HBP but it could have been less... meaningful. theyre like 13 an 12 respectively (HG) and claimin that they love each other... i admit havin the bond is cool ( i read another story wit a similar idea) but they shouldve started out just likin each other and developing from there... each yr gettin stronger an who knows... maybe a dramatic "I love u" kiss (Harry's) sixth yr lol. neways ur the omnipotent author (i forgot wat fic i read this in but since then ive used it after critiquing a story) so wat u write is it... great chapter
2/9/2007 c18 HaitianPrince93
... there like 12 an 11... how u gonna have them likin each other already!
2/8/2007 c60 dupel
good story
2/7/2007 c6 HaitianPrince93
Harry smiled, “All right, together then, all for one and one for all, like the three musketeers.”

Ron groaned, “Didn’t they all die?”

ROFLMAO! wonderful ending to a wonderful chapter
2/7/2007 c3 HaitianPrince93
im assuming the letter recieved by Harry is kinda like a Howler only nicer... cuz the writing seems conversational

Snape just HAD to bump in Profs Quirrel AND Sprout lol

its fun to relive the HP books with his parents alive... and this "crash course" thru first yr is madd nostalgic... good chapter
1/30/2007 c60 Andilun
I love your story. It is simply exceptional!

I hope it won't be too long for the hopefully even better sequel to come up?
1/25/2007 c60 ElvenPrincess69
I really liked the fic and can't wait to read the sequel. I would really like to see how you write the 5th and 6th years at Hogwarts. I hope that you get the sequel written soon. Well I loved the fic and keep up the good work. I hope that the sequel is just as good as the first.
1/22/2007 c60 scotty26
wow...i love this glad u making the sequel an AU cause then u have a wide open field..unlike some other story that make it cannon...the story is restricted to certain things..u know?..with AU..its a whole different ball game..i know i will definetly be waiting for the next sequel..ure story has me excited
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