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3/20/2006 c1 da candyman can
where is percy?

“Please, call me Molly,” she said. Then, gesturing at each child, she said, “This is Bill, Charlie and,” gesturing to the toddler, “Ron.” Nodding toward the baby in her arms, “This is Ginny. Bill, please hold onto her.” She passed the baby to the oldest boy.

but good story anyway
3/19/2006 c34 4LUVSRW
its as good as all the other chapters... but i supose youre dragging the same subject over like 5 chapters... i think there sould be a new one soon. anywayz cant wait to read the next chapter
3/19/2006 c34 2TheTrioLivesOn
I believe it's Amelia not Amanda...

But aside from that, it's good. I can't wait till Ron finds out... I do have one question though, is "Won-Won" going to date Lavender in 6th year? I guess I'll find out... eventually... keep updating!
3/19/2006 c34 14Valandar
“I was counting on it so he’d swallow the lame story I gave him.”

Heheh, yeah, he'd swallow almost anything, with his appetite the way it is...
3/18/2006 c33 1anonymous.individual
3/17/2006 c3 TheNiceBlairWitch
hagrid was sapoes to say "shoudent of said that" after he metioned fluffy and nickoles flamel!

3/17/2006 c33 1MissyMay10
3/16/2006 c33 Shaggy37
no idea who it was...unless it was the same Witch from book 4...the name escapes me right now...its 3:10am so I aint gonna go look it up...anyways very nicely written and I still say you should honestly think about a writing career...you're doing really good keep up and I so can't wait till the next chapter:):)
3/16/2006 c33 Harry Foureyes
The false one, obviously we are talking about the fake Moody, but we might be looking at Crouch jr or Pettigrew because Pettigrew was the one who cut his hand and he would be the one who needed probably feels he needs to exact revenge on the Potters. Didn't take book 4 into consideration when reading the last chapter D'oh!.

As for the women I would hazard a guess it is Amelia Bones she was afterall always described as a formidable witch one the Voldie herself took out of the game in the 6th book.

Well still loving it

update soon.
3/15/2006 c33 32muppetmadness
A/N: So, who was the woman in the graveyard?

Yer? Who is it? Or are you evil and not going to tell your amazing fans? :( **puppy dog eyes** :( Damn no reation...I'm afraid we'll have to wait for the next chapter guys! **sighs**
3/15/2006 c33 4LUVSRW
ive worn out all my reviwing words... lol. it was good
3/15/2006 c33 2juk.in.adagio
who? who? who? UPDATE FAST!
3/15/2006 c33 gonekrazy3000
Another fantastic chapter! Hmm... you've got me intrigued now...

*begins to think about who the woman could be.*



*crowd throws rotten tomatoes and various other assorted fruits and vegitables at Krazy*
3/15/2006 c33 4Comet Moon
Poor Amileia. Susan will be heart broken.

Great chapter

But i think that a few others should al least be warned. If someone was killed because of the delay, i could see a bit of a rift between the factors


3/15/2006 c33 14Valandar
My guess is... Madame Bones? She's a formidabl witch, and any possible familial resemblance to Susan would make her seem familiar - also, if she's still in the MLE, he might have seen her wif he went to visit his Father in the office.
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