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12/14/2017 c38 poterhead.20
i love it like harry love ginny
12/14/2017 c36 poterhead.20
12/14/2017 c35 poterhead.20
really cooool
12/14/2017 c34 poterhead.20
12/14/2017 c33 poterhead.20
i think it is bathilda bagshot
12/14/2017 c32 poterhead.20
i think you should have ivy really like that name
10/21/2017 c1 8bkwrmgrl87
I have really enjoyed this story arch. The characters are interesting, similar to their Canon counterparts, but with slight differences because of the fact Harry's parents survive Voldemort for the the fourth time. I loved the development between Ginny and Harry. Very cute. I really like how you've characterized the Potters.

Now, for some constructive criticism. Overall I like the tone and pacing of the story, but there are some minor errors I noticed. In the Yule Ball chapter you mentioned that Oliver Wood took a date, when in fact he had graduated a year before if you're sticking to canon.

Concerning the build-up to the climax and Harry's rescue I could no help be frustrated and kept shouting at the characters to get a move-on and stop all of their blabbing! There was way too much discussion and the pacing suffered according. I did like how it ultimately was resolved, and once they finally got to Harry's side it was fine, but there was too much unnecessary dialogue. It was surprising how Ginny was ok with all of the talking when she could feel Harry's distress and attacks. Notwithstanding, I still liked how it all turned out, but just thought I would write down my observations.

Obviously this won't change anything, but I hope you feel the spirit it was meant to convey. Just a help and encouragement for a job well done. On to the sequel!
9/24/2017 c32 Kaylin
If Lily/James's parents died, name the twins Lily's mother and James's father.
9/24/2017 c22 Kaylin
I like the good Malfoy, but I wish Ron would like him too. I also want Ti to become a New Marauder.
8/5/2017 c12 Olivia
I ️ the new marauders
7/3/2017 c46 Guest
oh poor James I wish Lily was still alive to send Dumbledore A howler in the fourth book or better yet they could've stopped harry from being a champion. I am loving the story so far you are a great writer and know the thing you said about Cedric I like him and I am sad that he died yes but I am not a huge fan girl like all the other Hogwarts girls or any other girls who are in love with Cedric . Have you read Harry and Ginny A love story? if you have you did a great thing and I mean really great with the sole Bond if you have not read it then you should it's great . You should make a story about all the times Ronald Weasley said bloody hell this story is amazing I love it great job
7/2/2017 c36 Guest
6/29/2017 c56 Alissa
There is a bit to much of harry and ginny rather than harry and his parents i mean thats what the fanfictions about if harrys parents survived so i want to see more of them
6/3/2017 c29 Christine-Danielle
I think this one is good...Lol without dean breaking a glass or Ron looking as if he had been hit a bludger a thousand times.
6/3/2017 c21 Christine-Danielle
What?! (jaw drop)
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