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10/24/2005 c4 2KrazieChikadee
Pretty interesting storyline, can't wait to finish it.
10/24/2005 c11 1Wytil
8 NM, 2 trick generators, 4 trick originators, 5+ idea generators, 2 researchers, 2 on execution and one leader.

Of course that will wander around a bit as the girls change and Neville fits in making it 9. Wonder what Neville's role will take? Something to do with herbology after all the possibilities of herbology were always overlooked by SMWPP.
10/16/2005 c10 Wytil
Nice re-weaving the origional story with your variant. It is also nice for you to have Harry a little less 'thick' about noticing girls.

My wife reminded me of a real-life happening:

It seems that a group of 12 grade girls had a slumber party and in the middle of an imprompt to discussion about number

of children, pregnancy, and child-birth, the girl (age 17)

jumped up and called them all liars and other things. She ran downstairs and confronted her mother about the lieing girls. The mother broke down and confessed that the girls were right. The daughter had a real fit of hysterics. Last I heard of her she had 6 children. Guess she got it right after all.
10/16/2005 c7 Wytil
Well I am glad you have Neville and Rose eyeing each other.

Lets see, I was a HS-year 11 and we gathered at church one or two evenings a month loaded in cars and went roller-skating. Among the group was a rather dorky skinny red-head(I was very pudgy) in her 6th year of school (age 11). Ten years later we were married and we still are 40+ years later. Red-heads and pudgy boys forever!
10/15/2005 c10 BullDozer
Really great story! I like the new Neville, I have allways thought he should have a bigger part in the story, but you will have to find a new way to get Barty Crouch Jr. into prison when the story reaches harry's fourth year as his parents seems to be well, but either way the story is really good so keep on the great work
9/22/2005 c9 iluvwater
it was awesome! more than that even if compared 2 the hurricane thats coming straight 4 my house! well ne way good luck w/ this story and its awesome so far!
9/9/2005 c8 Nightwing 509
I enjoyed reading your story. I liked how you had Harry and the others form a group like the Marauders. And how you had them save the stone with Neville. I hope you will make this a Harry/Ginny pairing story. Please update soon.
9/5/2005 c7 iluvwater
the re-labeling of the chapters is really confusing and there seems to be a gap... btu that could be due to the re-chaptering so please try and get it fixed... but totally awesome story!
8/27/2005 c5 iluvwater
awesome... a little twist at the quiditch game... interesting very interesting
8/27/2005 c4 13spankkandy
Aww James gave Harry the invisibility cloak! **tears** that's sweet.. Damn i want a playroom with muggle and magic things! No fair **whines**

Anyhoo thanks for updating and reviewing my fic ''the hidden agenda'' but seing as ive reviewd all 4 chaps of ures id appreciate if u reviewd all 4 chaps for mine! THANKS !

8/26/2005 c4 iluvwater
BAM! That was totally awesome. Super good! ooh cant wait for the next chapter. The plot is really suspenseful. :p
8/22/2005 c2 athenakitty
Will Harry's annoyance with the press, have him develop a charm that would stop all unwanted pictures?
8/22/2005 c1 athenakitty
Will the Potter take vengence on their betrayers? Will the family get back together with a serious Sirius?
8/22/2005 c3 spankkandy
Aww Harry got his Nimbus 20 *tear* oh, the old happy days!.. lol... o Snape's a steal.. mabe a drug dealer! (it was sppsd to rime) lol

r&r 'the hidden agenda' by suicides-in-the-blood (me)
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