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11/23/2008 c7 104Nikki Flinn
please please please! Update! Please?
5/4/2008 c7 7TheNightimeSky
Please update!1
5/4/2008 c1 TheNightimeSky
Oh..my..god! I-I -stutters- WHAT? Ok, next chapter...
4/17/2008 c7 LukkyReads
11/16/2007 c6 33DarkAngel814
I WANT A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! lol I like your story update when you can! PLEASE! AND GIVE ME COOKIES! lol
11/16/2007 c4 DarkAngel814
good chapter I like this story its good
10/28/2007 c3 DarkAngel814
cool chapter its good!
10/28/2007 c1 DarkAngel814
Interesting little cliffhanger it totally threw me for a curve and the only thing is the part:

Then Malfoy made some more rude comments about Ron's dress robes. Then Malfoy asked questions about what was going to happen at Hogwarts this year. The rest of the group looked very perplexed. Malfoy just laughed and he beckoned Crabbe and Goyle to come with him. Ron got up slammed the compartment door shut and the glass shattered. Hermione said his name in a tone that was Hermione and fixed the glass. The group talked about Malfoy for the rest of the journey and they were quiet as they changed into their dress robes.

first you should just put the dialogue in be cause it would be less confusing and also dress robes are like formal wear but other than that I really like the chapter it was good on to the next one :)
9/21/2007 c2 1HWTC
hiya, you might remember reviewing my book, My destiny, and well you should cuz all you put was 'hm.'




and to review for your book. I really didn't get some of it, and details would be great

8/24/2007 c6 LukkyReads
That was the BOMB! hope u will update soon!

8/5/2007 c2 15The Enthusiast
Sue-ish, but well worth the read. :D
4/17/2007 c6 1peanut171994
good story UP DATE
4/11/2007 c2 peanut171994
grate story so far
2/6/2007 c6 3crazysophie
i love it cant wait till the next chappie
12/10/2006 c6 2Spreadlight
whoa, what an interesting twist. I like the flashback :)
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