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6/16/2013 c4 4Ash-Bookworm113
huh...y'no mrs. black isn't so bad after a long as your a dark wizard that is...or shagging one or turning evil ...or a bunch of other acceptable things...hee hee hee
6/16/2013 c1 Ash-Bookworm113
yep dont mess with sirius! remember what he did to bella...even tried dont mess with him :) love this fic from the start!
6/7/2013 c20 3Shadoween
yes ! I knew they were one and the same ! They were just too similar sometimes although I had my doubts later I confess... great chapter !
6/7/2013 c19 Shadoween
open your eyes Harry ! you still have a chance ! you might see Tom wouldn't that make you happy? xD ok maybe not yet...
6/7/2013 c18 Shadoween
aww Harry doesn't like studying... well... everyone has their disadvantages right...
6/7/2013 c17 Shadoween
good chappy xD ah and a shadow almost slipped there xD hehe I'm only a bit starved of a slashy side but I guess it can't be helped , it's still such a great story I can't be too demanding right?
6/7/2013 c16 Shadoween
wee will there be DA or will there be a different name? I'm curious
6/7/2013 c15 Shadoween
lol the ending was great ! Snape I knew there was a good reason for my love for you xD
6/7/2013 c14 Shadoween
really there was the scene when I don't really know if I like that or not... I mean the shadow hurting Harry... I'm confused about that
6/7/2013 c13 Shadoween
good chappy just as all before I have to say I'm starting to get very addicted to that story now :D
6/7/2013 c12 Shadoween
lol I was all smiling through most of the chapter and then you make me fall from clouds and whine about Siri ! You're a cruel writer :O
6/7/2013 c11 Shadoween
I hope too it will be a new beginning instead of downfall... and lol ! How dense Ron can really be? that was hilarious
6/7/2013 c10 Shadoween
ohh gets scary ...
6/7/2013 c9 Shadoween
hmm plot thickens ... I like it :) I really am starting to get confused by the trio Shadow, Aderes and Voldemort... is that possible that they are all one and the same? cause they sure give off the same feeling...
6/7/2013 c8 Shadoween
hehe that was great ! I love the new character arrival xD or rather new-old character
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