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11/5/2012 c20 3loverofgaydragons
this is the sort of shit that happens when people don't any attention. hooking up with the Dark Lord really... typical potter luck.
11/2/2012 c3 loverofgaydragons
attachment attachment, how evil u are...
9/29/2012 c7 4HP-fanfic-fan101
Hilarious but now I'm really curious about why some can see it and some can't. Is it like Thestrals or Luna's creatures where it can only be seen becauuse of circumstances in their lives make them more susceptible to seeing it?
9/26/2012 c20 Guest
8/1/2012 c45 SilenceWithinDarkness
Thank you very the amazing story. At times you were confused but the confusion was answered and you were rewarded for waiting.
6/19/2012 c9 Ae3qe27u

Sorry, but I just imagined Harry at Umbridge's trial and after he said "I'm sorry, Professor, but I must not tell lies." because she had been pleading for him to tell the court that she was innocent, that she was under the Imperius curse or the like, that she would yell out "BUT THAT DETENTION NEVER EVEN WORKED!" or something similar... lolz.
6/19/2012 c7 Ae3qe27u
Can only people who have seen death see the Shadow, like Thesterals? Or something completely different?
5/1/2012 c21 4shimmer-light
Okay, I admit I skipped forward periodically after meticulously reading a couple of chaps following my last review.

And now... Seriously? What? He was raped and his reaction on 'the morning after' is to feel SAFE in the arms of the one who did it? Even if he's controlled and influenced, that would just be sickening. WTF?
5/1/2012 c4 shimmer-light
So far, I've read quite a few reviews before starting on the story, then read them again after every chapter, just to make sure I remembered correctly. Now I'm wondering wether they are talking about the same story I've been following...

That shadow guy is utterly vile, the happenings are very confusingly abrupt and the characters feel like they just came from the zoo. Total madness! Like a dream of which you can't recall everything clearly after waking up.

And Harry...! There are so many things just WRONG with him, I don't know where to begin. His character is a psychopathic nightmare! A basketcase! Ugh!

One minute he's a confused little boy, then an obsessive, paranoid coward, then he morphs into a little monster all within a paragraph! It would be fine, if you gave some resemblance of an explanation, but nothing so far! Is he controlled? An actual basketcase? Or just plain stupid and going along with the tide?

Lastly, when I began with the first chapter I very nearly stopped reading after the first 1 or 2 paragraphs. Your sentences were full of mistakes and grammatical errors. As that didn't seem right going by the reviews you received, I barreled on, and it got WAY better. I would advise you to edit, if you have the time.

Anyway, I'll continue reading, as it doesn't seem right or fair to give up after only 4 chaps, but so far my hopes are falling... But this is only the beginning, and I'm already feeling bad for dishing out my frustrations on something that could later become insanely good. My excuse is only the confusion and frustration I'm feeling, so I hope you aren't insulted!
2/18/2012 c21 Sidelines
So I've invested in reading a few chapters after this and I really have to go back a make a comment here as it is bugging me deeply through out the rest of the otherwise interesting story.

okay so HP was raped in the Room of Requirement by the Aderes/TM/Shadow, so many things seem off about that 1. it's the Room of Requirement and if Harry really wanted a blunt object to beam him over the head one would have appeared 2. it never mentions Harry being drugged of magically held in submission and if the form he was fighting was a boy roughly the same size he is, there is no way in the world he could not have thrown him off if he felt like it 3. Harry's behavior afterwords isn't emotionally scarred, angry or trying to break away after being forced 4. Harry is totally Okay with Tom later, dating him of his own volition? There is not mention of him enjoying the physical act in spite of himself, and even then, Harry is not a total pushover and would still be pissed off. Seriously, he was trying to fight someone off while that person was trying to get off, no matter how codependent or twisted the realationship, it is not something brushed aside.

I know this story is older and rated T so nothing to graphic or explicit is included, but this just does not make sense and defince of human behavior is such an unbareably pet peeve of mine.

Loved the level of mystery, how the story keeps your guessing as to what is really going on and where peoples allegiance lies.
11/24/2011 c40 Arilita
Well... Too. Bloody. Long.

I loved it in the start, everything with the Shadow was so sweet. It was rather cool till Aderes appeared. Then there were some good spots, but it started getting boring. And now it's one and the same thing all over again. I don't care if their relationship is abusive, but it's monotonous in the constancy of their misunderstandings, offences and fights.

I made it to the chapter 39, but I just can't get through it anymore.
9/17/2011 c1 MzMilo
7/15/2011 c45 3SVanOosten
i cant believe u killed sirius. n tom. tho i suspect tom to return in the seqaul somehow. but u killed sirius too, as in all dead. whyyyyyyy?

im shocked.

excellent story, with the exception, that i previoisly stated.

you killed sirius.
7/14/2011 c45 7scion.of.morbidity
This is fantastic, although I think I kind of resent you for having such an awesome fic that I stayed up almost all night rather than sleeping...

I really loved this, all the tension - it's all really intense, and then you go and add in some humour.

One thing that bothered me (and really this was all): some time towards the beginning, you had a scene with Voldemort and you described him doing something 'evilly' ... which is about the worst synonym you can get for an evil guy in my opinion.

But, other than that this fic is epic.

4/9/2011 c38 10Uchiha Riddle
wow...I know real relationships are rocky and change directions more tham a roller coster but I'm getting dizzy just reading this! Can't wait to finish reading it though.
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