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6/13/2008 c23 xan
just a question -

"“You know how it is, mum’s got me pegged on being the next head boy and…I don’t know she expects a lot out of me since my brothers and stuff. I’m kind of worried,” he admitted hoping to stir the conversation away from dangerous waters."

this was said by ron in ch 23, and isnt his momm already dead?
5/21/2008 c9 3Disco-Dancing on the Roof
I quite like this. Even though I've certainly read the pairing before (haha, more like every bloody fic that so much as mentions it...), I've never read one anything like this. It's very interesting.

But, because you admitted that your grammar's not great, and because that's been bigging me a bit - I'm a grammar Nazi, sort of - I thought I'd drop a review with a quick grammar lesson to help with your three worst issues.

And if you find any of this offensive, please just ignore me. I really don't mean it that way.

1. "Its" versus "it's".

"Its" is the possesive form of the word "it". Used in a sentence: The dog pissed in ITS food.

"It's" is a contraction formed of the words "it" and "is". Used in a sentence: The dog has officially decided that there is no way IT'S (it is) going to eat that food anymore.

(Memory trick: The apostrophe in "it's" sort of looks like a stumpy little "i", so it reads as a squished-up "itis".)

2. "Than" versus "then".

"Than" is a word used to compare two things. Used in a sentence: The dog may not have great table manners, but it is more THAN smart enough to know that one should not eat something that has been urinated on.

"Then" is a word that denotes a change in time. Used in a sentence: The dog wishes that is had first eaten its (note: see the lack of apostrophe in the possessive?) fill, THEN pissed in its food.

(Memory trick: "time" has an "e" in it, which matches up with the "e" in "then" that is used to describe it.)

3. "To" versus "too".

"To" is a preposition, generally used to string phrases together. Used in a sentence: The dog would like TO get some fresh, untainted food.

"Too" is a synonym for "also" or "more". Used in a sentence: The dog hopes, though, that it will be smart enough not to pee in its new food, TOO - replacing desecrated food twice would be TOO much to handle.

(Memory trick: "Too" has another "o", too!)

I hope I've been of help without being annoying!

I really do love this story!
4/30/2008 c45 gaarapanda5
great story!...although

why'd you have to kill sirius!

*must go read sequal*
4/29/2008 c38 gaarapanda5
why does he want to be a 'dark lord'?

sounds like a kid saying hes gonna be a dictator when he grows up -_-
4/29/2008 c37 gaarapanda5
dont kill sirius!
4/4/2008 c15 4SamiraGranger
THIS IS THE FUNNIEST CHAPTER I HAVE EVER READ OF ANY FANFICTION STORY! You are an awesome writer, no matter what those flamers say! I used to hate gay people when I was younger, but about five to eight years ago I learned that my favourite uncle was gay most of his life. I have total respect for gay people now and am trying to get my bff to see that they are not so bad! Stinking Bible saying that being gay is bad... Oh well, I'm straight and am proud to NOT be a homophobe like another of my uncles. You keep spreading the good word about it being okay to be gay!
3/17/2008 c45 6MyraHellsing
wahh~~ Tom "died" i feel so sad. This definately adds to the angst part of this fanfic. :sighs:

I wonder what will happen in the sequal. hopefully, Harry will be able to bring him back X3.

Write more!
3/14/2008 c28 12Rokkis
Huh... well, I must admit that there are many things in this story going over my head at times, but it's still amusing

3/14/2008 c15 Rokkis
OMG! I would have killed to attend DADA with Snape! *whimper*

2/24/2008 c15 Ana
wo! you go snape! hahahaha snape gets revange on umbridge! justice is served!

anywayz awsome story!

im off to read the next chapter

2/19/2008 c8 19BTCE
Okay, GOD chapter, one problem though. Harry's mother was a mud-blood and Harry's is a half-blood ^^ Sorry, thought I'd tell ya that ^^ GOOD STORY SO FAR! ^^
2/4/2008 c8 7darkwish3
I don't know if someone already told you but than is used like this "gold is heavier THAN feathers" then is used " first THEN second"

Anyway loving the story so far!
1/20/2008 c45 2Slashfilled-mind
Tom... died. *cries* That's just too sad! *cheers up* Well, as long as he's being revived in the seqeal it's fine. Last time I'm gonna say this; I LOVE YOUR STORY! bye.
1/17/2008 c15 Slashfilled-mind
*falls of chear laughing* The snap part was so cool! I seriously love it! You rule!
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