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6/13/2007 c38 Yana5
hahahaha i would say wipped
6/13/2007 c38 krista-shadow
that was cool... but harry and tom's relationship in the last few chapters has taken a turn for the worse

Maybe tom could create a kinda auror squad when he takes over, so they cankeep death eaters... but with less death, and maybe called a different name, like death eaters are radical and extreme; kinda like terrorists cross with politicians and the he have his own aurors to keep control and make sure that order is kept in balance; like police of his own system... im sure harry wouldnt mind, as long as he didnt have to kill people

being a double agent is a good idea...who would suspect harry potter golden boy working for the new dark lord...except crazy obsessed fanfic slasher girls

im glad harry punched him though
6/8/2007 c37 4Kamorie
wow...harsh. This has turned into a pretty weird and confusing piece of fiction. I like it though! haha. Interesting, plus I can't wait to see what happens next!
6/8/2007 c7 BrokenMe
6/6/2007 c37 1Give and Loss
This is excellent! Please hurry in updating it!
6/4/2007 c37 11Fk306
this is great please update soon
6/3/2007 c37 27BlueEyes White Dragon Sorcerer
Eep. Fighting and no real communication = bad things. Eep.

Wait, will Tom end up coming with Harry to the Ministry? #wonderwonder# Ee~e-e. #hiccup#
6/2/2007 c37 3Madd Girl
Well that was kind of depressing. You've got me so drawn in this story that I'm like 5cm away from the screen right now.
6/1/2007 c37 Samael Kishi
Bah, you're evil. *pouts* I suppose I'll just wait for the next chapter, then. *sighs and wanders off*

5/31/2007 c37 90Setsuna-X
Tom seems to be annoying me alot in this chapter. He doesn't even bother to hear Harry out.

I mean, why are they even fighting? Is it b/c Harry wants to be an Auror, b/c Harry was angsting over his father's horrible character and how he must have some of those traits, or that Harry is planning on talking to Sirius about Snape's memory?

The prospect that it'll most likely be solved in the next chapter is good, cuz Tom needs to cool down and listen for once instead of jumping to conclusions and being a jerk...

(i still love him though!)

Till next chapter,

5/31/2007 c37
Hm I like it! Liked the careers advice scene McGonagall is my fave character!

“I don’t think I want to do healing,” Ron muttered staring down at he St. Mungo’s leaflet. “You need at least an E in over three different subjects. Can I take Harry’s job, Aderes?”

“No, I don’t want to be dating a red head.”

Ok that was fantastic set me laughing for ages!

Make up and all will be happy!

Keep on writing!
5/30/2007 c37 krista-shadow
wow that was awsome ... poor Harry, Tom is ordering him around like he owns him

with Harry's new found sence of freedom I dont think its working out well.

I cant see Harry being a dark lord... cause his heart is just too big and he cares more for others/

i dont think threatening to kill your boyfriend is the right way to go about fixing a fight

poor Harry he must be feeling miserable
5/30/2007 c37 SailorHecate
Fabulous chappie! I loved the last confrontation in the end... and the music video suggested in the Author Notes was great as well. Hope you update soon!
5/30/2007 c37 Yana5
oo i thought Tom will go all possessive
5/30/2007 c36 Susie
Hi, I just read through your story (almost in one go) and -absolutely loved- it. I really can't wait for more. It was a bit confusing at times, but that may have something to do with my lack of sleep halfway through. I just have one small word that could make a word of difference. Beta. Do you have a beta-reader? Someone who can check your work for correct spelling/grammar/punctuation. I know it sounds like a hassle, but getting someone to check your story (even the size it is now) will make it even nicer to read. I'm sorry if this offends you, but I really like your story and that's the only thing that really bugged me about it. I'm sorry, but I'm a compulsive beta-reader (blame my mother, she translates and edits writing for a living). I know it'll be an enormous job for anybody, but I'll even do it if you like. It just really makes a difference. Aside from that, I'd really like an update *smile* Pretty please? Susie
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