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5/27/2019 c13 2TomarrywolfstarFTW
I'm so confused... I thought I had it figured out then this chapter happens and... whot?
1/5/2019 c21 A
Hi, so I truely like this story and I don’t want to sound rude or just ... you know. But... a person doesn’t get over being raped. Especially not by someone they are in a relationship with. That violation is never forgotten. It haunts you forever. It breaks whatever trust there was. Rape can never be brushed off. While I understand that this is a story I just don’t want anyone to think it is ever like this in real life. Rape is traumatizing and disgusting. Harry should not be shown as a charecter who forgives Tom for raping him even if he is Voldemort. It’s not okay.
8/8/2018 c13 Guest
So I'm on chap 13 and here's my thoughts. I am so confused, but it's a good type of confused. It's the type of confused that when you figure it out, you get the same blissful, satisfied feeling as popping a zit. And the mysterious characters. We've got Tom Riddle, Andres, Voldy (who is seprete from TR I think), and of course, the Shadow. I personally think the shadow and Andres are Tom Riddle. The only thing that trips me out is how Andres seems to like Hermione. I'm like no Tom/Andres, Harry is your muse. Also, can't wait for kissy/smut scenes. Gotta say that Tom riddle, in whatever form he's in other than Voldywart, is hot and passionate and demanding. I really like the sub and dom vibe between them, and I love how I can get this dynamic without Harry becoming weak or girlish. There dependence on eachother is perfect because even canon, Harry Potter made Voldemort and Voldemort made Harry Potter. It always came down to them, and when we meet diary Tom, I knew that in any other world, they would be together. Anyway, I can wait if this story to reveal all its secrets and for the characters (TR, Shadow, A) to become one like I think they will. In short, the zit is huge and I NEED it to be popped now (PS. I almost said pooped instead of popped, haha).
4/19/2018 c45 mattdombast
Sad still killed off sirius
4/19/2018 c38 mattdombast
So very good
4/19/2018 c37 mattdombast
Confusing uet still a good story
4/19/2018 c35 mattdombast
I would think draco could get mpney from the bank
4/19/2018 c34 mattdombast
Hate umbitch percy should die
4/19/2018 c25 mattdombast
So confused but i assume albus brought tom from the past to help hRry
4/19/2018 c7 mattdombast
4/19/2018 c6 mattdombast
Poor harry
4/19/2018 c5 mattdombast
All over confused albus gave him the shadow remus knows harry is set up
4/19/2018 c4 mattdombast
So very sad
4/19/2018 c3 mattdombast
It would be cool if it was kreature
4/19/2018 c2 mattdombast
Yeah molly gone I love Harry Potter to me it's the greatest series ever keeps you a kid even though I'm old as hell but the things that you're at 8 at me were in the book where they saved author from the snake they say Jenny from the basileus they saved Hermione from the troll yet in order to balance it they killed off serious Severus Fred Remus and Tonks and then they remarried Harry to Jenny at the most I think she he should have either been married to Hermione are Luna however I also think that Molly was a setup to be from the get-go and I actually like the slytherins Flint Malfoy not zaban Simon
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