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8/10/2008 c15 1pinkrollingstone
I am glad you did put this chapter up, I enjoyed a few laughs at Mannings pain. :)
4/30/2007 c19 8Kemurikat
Damn! I can't seem to get enough of this Magic Series universe you've created!

It's wonderful!

I hope we all get to read many amazing adventures about the BPRD's expanding, very unique, family!

I keep getting this lovely snapshot in my brain of a nice big portrait of both Hellboy and Abe's families-the lucky, proud daddys and their beaming wives, holding up their lovely children!
11/22/2005 c19 dog youkai jane
are you going to update this story or make a new one? either way, DO IT SOON!
10/3/2005 c19 9anonymous3925866
^^ sorry for not reviewing in the past while! It's such a great story; the conflict, the anguish and the educational side to, hehe. The twins are adorable, and you write in a standard found rarely on FFN ^-^ it's great to read and the updates are brilliantly fast! Can't wait to read the next story; this tale has really become epic over the while! =D
10/1/2005 c19 Lilly
What a great story. I can't wait for what you write next.
9/28/2005 c19 apenamee
More about the wonderful surprises of motherhood - eek! Hope this doesn't scare the pre-moms, esp. the breast feeding info.

And it's so true.
9/28/2005 c17 apenamee
Is it really recommended that the babies and mom don't get moved for six weeks?

Like the writing style in this one.
9/26/2005 c19 Goddess of Twilight
That was an awesome ending for the story. And it leaves it open for another story in the magic series!

*sigh* I wish I was as good an author as you... I might have updated by now...

wonderful job!
9/26/2005 c19 caz


9/26/2005 c19 64epalladino
FINI! No, no! I want more. Please? Beth Palladino
9/24/2005 c18 Lilly
Now they are truly a family. Loved the chapter.
9/23/2005 c18 Goddess of Twilight
Gotta love twins huh?

^_^ I love how it's coming along. I'm still attempting to get mine past a small rut... it's hard trying to portray a part human demon that was raised as a wolf and knows nothing of humanity in most parts...but I think I'm doing good for an idiot...^+^
9/23/2005 c18 epalladino
Priceless. I just love stories about screaming babies. Of course, I've never had any of my own; maybe I wouldn't like it so much if I'd ever had to live through it. beth Palladino
9/20/2005 c17 Caz
I hope she's taking Abe's feelings into consideration... what if he doesn't want to leave the BPRD?

Hehehe, I love pissed off HB.
9/19/2005 c17 Lilly
Seeing Red is an appropriate title for this chapter and I must say Go Maggie! I loved the chapter. Next one please.
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