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8/6/2003 c5 2NemesisZero
Excellent update, as always. Thanks for reminding me why this is still my favorite Ranma fanfic of all.

It's great to see you're still trudging along with this story! I don't want to rush you, but I -really- want to know how this all works out.
8/6/2003 c5 2Aaronmizuno
I really liked this fic when I first read it a few monthes back... but this new chapter really carried the idea through. I can almost hear the ocean of flames coming your way, but please... don't pay them any mind. This is a good story, and something that carries an idea that a lot of people won't be comfortable with. While I can't say what is happening in the story is pleasant, I still love this fic. I love it because it isn't pleasant, it isn't cutsy and nice... you are putting Ranma through hell and making everyone else rethink everything they know about him...

and about Ryouga... I was wondering what would happen when he finally caught up with Ranma... I can't imagine it being done any better. Thanks for continuing this story... I'm signing off now to add it to my favorites list.
8/5/2003 c5 8Ginrai
Either you're trying to throw the readers off with the end of this update or, if it's actually what took place, the entire party incident was done to throw us off and think that was where Ranma got raped. The latter explanation does, though, answer Jamie Wilde's inquiries in his review about how anyone could know that Ranma's pregnant only a short while after he got raped.

What concerns me is that this seems to be hearding towards a newRanma-like ending for Ranma and Akane, who doesn't deserve him at all (I completly agree with Saggit's comments here).

Worse, neither Akane nor Nabiki (both of whom I feel were *FAR* worse than Sayuri) seem that remorseful about how they've treated Ranma before. This includes the party (that Ranma has to go through so much crap just becuase he lightly tapped Akane's cheek after *SHE* got angry at him for defending himself is ludicrous), what took place in school (there hasn't been much mention of how Akane COMPLETELY IGNORED Ranma during it and how Nabiki - I can't believe SHE'D act like such after all the crap she put him through - got Ranma's clothes torn and forced him to wear a dress), and how Akane, even after realizing that Ranma was hurt, treated him in the previous chapter.

That Ranma would still want to stay there after all that is INEXPLICABLE. Sadly, that does seem to be where this is heading, especially since the other girls were effectively written out (I still have a difficult time believing that Ukyou would ever side with Akane, especially when she knows what sort of crap that girl put Ranma through).

*sigh* Anyway, I'm still hoping that Ranma can find happiness through some other means. And, as always, the writing was excellent and each character's emotions were conveyed nicely in the prose (that's one of the reasons I first got interested in this fic and am still reading it).
6/2/2003 c5 m0u5e
3/5/2003 c5 12Artemis Rain
"Help me, Mom." Oh, that was absolutely heartbreaking! Please continue this beautiful story!
2/19/2003 c5 tuczek
Its a good story. i like it. In polish- spox podoba mi sie , nawet ciekawe.
1/2/2003 c5 I can't believe you.This is good

As my name says...I can't believe you. This sucks! It sucks cause it's too good and it's not done! I hafta let you know something: I'm never really too emotional when I read. It's all just like something else that I don't have to deal with. Well, you know what? I felt stuff when I read this. I finished reading the first two chapters, and then found out that the next two were inaxessible. Right now it's, about, oh, 4:30 in the morning, and I've been reading this thing for hours. You know what else? When I finished reading the first two chapters and couldn't read the next ones, I skipped ahead anyway, cause the story was too damn good. Now I've read everything that I can, and by god, that last chapter...Jeez...I actually felt tears coming when I heard what Ranma was saying to Nodoka. Dammit, I'm getting teary eyed just thinking back about it! Right now, tears are coming...Jeez, whatever you did to this story, you did it right. I just can't believe I'm cryin cause of some FAKE character that's going through FAKE experiences. But you know what? I did cry. You've got a knack for writing, you know that? Continue writing that story, dammit, or I will quite literally hunt you down and make you type it out. If this message isn't a sign of a story well done (so fr! Keep going!) then I don't know what is. Please just keep writing/typing, hell, FINISHING this story. If you do, I thank you.
12/30/2002 c2 Ramiel the Scrivener
My dear God...beautiful...excellent use of Ranma's introductory line at the end of chapter 2. Something about this fic affects me like no other fic has...never stop writing...ever ever EVER!
11/30/2002 c5 Dream Catcher
11/29/2002 c5 AkaneGirl13
I have so many things to say: Mmmm, fist of all you have a very good original idea, there's a lotta tension and suspence in the story that makes it come alive, you also have a good talent in writing and describing situations to make you feel as if your a part of it! The whole story is just fantastic! So keep going!
11/13/2002 c5 zaltran
Wow, All I can say is I hope I don't have to wait a whole year till I can read the next chapter. This is truly one of the best stories I have read so far.
11/7/2002 c5 3avmorgan
This is not the first time I've found a story on these themes. Many have

been obscinities, dark, ugly perversions written with sick fascination.

Others have been more mature, an honest effort to explore the aftermath

of a tragedy. Rape is always a damnable subject to address, and it seems

inevitable that Ranma would feature in such a story, a man who is

nevertheless vulnerable to the worst of Man's predation upon humanity.

Sort of an "object lesson". This story is most disturbing in the

complexity of motivations and interactions between the characters, where

the author of this atrocity (the rapist, not the writer) is a faceless

nobody who steps in an assaults his victim when he is already completely

broken. Even through the veil that shrouds the act itself, it is clear

that this selfish, callous, indulgent fiend imagines himself to be, and

poses as a friend to Ranma. Not a rival, not an enemy, not a demon. A

school boy. A kid who sits a few desks away, who jokes with you between

classes. The very sort of person Ranma would not, could not, ever raise

a finger against. A person whose one thoughtless act has struck the most

devestating blow Ranma may ever know, and yet safe even from the

reader's eye in his anonymity. Is he Daisuke? Laughing and remorseless

over his dirty secret? I think so. I think everyone on this side of the

glass knows it and... damn the spoiler, I say it. Why? Because it adds

nothing to hide it. It is worse to hide it, and not explore the mind of

the Rapist, because it is really the most frightening, and potentially

enlightening testament this story can make. Uehara, while I had early

suspicions as the events of the party were still shaping up, doesn't

give me the same Vibe as Dai. Drunk and belligerant, as well as

irreverant and aggressive, he seems the guy you would expect to

brutalize someone, but... I get the impression that, as drunk as he'd

need to be to go that far, he probably wouldn't be able to perform. And,

the rapist's "apology" was that of a weak man, a man who was conscious

of what he was doing, and unable to resist seizing the unattainable as

it lay naked before him. It's the quiet guy, Dai, who desired the

unattainable, had no prospects with a normal girl. Wasn't he drinking

heavily too? Yes. False courage from a bottle always plays a part. Maybe

it was Dai and Uehara, I can see how it might have happened, and might

account for what passes between them at school... I don't actually know.

I find the scenario for that one almost more disturbing, but plausible.

I could even say that the perpetrator(s) remember the event little

better than Ranma, but the things Dai said to Hiroshi... how he refers

to Ranma... I want a glimpse into their minds, because any possible

innocence can only be established there. With her present motivation,

Nabiki can assemble the same picture I did, and we could easily see Dai

accused of rape and convicted in the court of public opinion, and later

discover that he was innocent, an idiot who picked the wrong time to

admit to his fantasies and let them influence his words. Any male who

attended that party, without a solid alibi, will face the hostile

attentions of those seeking to preserve Ranma's honor or sanity, or

worse, Ranma himself. I really don't expect this to destroy Ranma. Push

him right to the brink of murder or suicide, yes, destroy him? No. Deep

down, he always knew the possability for this was there. No one wants to

face their worst fear come true, but that's always a test of character,

and Ranma's been tested before. He has to change, he has to adapt to

survive this, but that's what he does. Obscene as it is, what has

happened to him is no different from his curse. It was something done to

him without his consent or understanding. The growth of the week

previous to the revelation of it was the perfect stepping stone for him

to overcome the worst aspect, which is how this event might change how

others percive and respond to him. The gender issue is totally

irrelevant, because no one, male of female, is immune to rape. It is a

crime of cowardice, always, and no one is invulnerable 24-7-365.25, it

just isn't possible. For whatever honor he has lost, in the eyes of

friends, family or society, seppuku cannot redeem him, for he is the

victim and cannot take responsibility for the crime. He cannot hope to

attone for it. The arrogance of believing so would bring greater

dishonor. Even what he might be faulted for, his actions leading up to

the event... the true responsibility lies on his family, his fiancee.

His father's obsession with making him the strongest martial artist has

rendered him both vulnerable and weak as a human being, virtually

ignorant of social matters. Akane's self-absorbed and vindictive

resentfulness of Ranma as both an intrusion and complication in her life

blinded her to his fragility, except for how it enabled her to bypass

his defenses at will. Ranma, stifled by the demands and expectations

placed on him in the name of honor, did not stand a chance, as even his

strengths were stripped from him by the promise Akane forced from him.

What truly happened the night of the party exceeds tragedy and verges on

insanity! Very little that could have gone wrong did not. Sadly, that

happens in life, and so that is not a criticism of the story. No, the

story is well plotted, well written, the characters remarkably well

developed where permitted, and the emotional texture sickeningly vivid

and palpable. As someone who has been complemented on how well I can

crawl inside the heads of these characters and bring them to life, I

find myself able to experience this story first hand, and so I walk away

shaking and ill with emotional turmoil. I can bear it only because my

own life encompasses this dimension of hell, and I have survived it.

I am glad the story is not finished yet, because I know I will have a

break between upcoming chapters. I am pissed the story is not finished

yet because I am affected deeply enough that I demand closure. I

appreciate the existance of this story, not because I can find it

entertaining, but because I can find it enlightening. I offer my

support, and even my own contribution if needed, for this story to be

concluded with as much quality as it has unfolded so far. I look forward

to seeing more...
11/7/2002 c5 Sterling-Ag
Holy Mother of God! this fanfic was INTENSE!...Definitely not your run of the mill Ranma fanfic that is for certain. It has been a very raw and emotionally unsettling piece of work. It has been very well written so far. As well written as it is and as compelling as it has been to read, I really can't say it has been fun to read. Reading this fic has stirred certain feelings in me. Like I think I might have if I had witnessed a train wreck or some other major disaster.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing however. A good piece of writing should convey and inspire emotions. Whether it is positive or negative emotions is really irrelevant. Under this auspice you have most certainly succeded in writing a succsessful story. In spite of, or maybe because of, the deep angst of this piece I am really looking forward to seeing more of this piece. I also hope, maybe unrealistically, that we will see you weave a bit of hope in this dark tale you have woven, triumph through adversity and all that. In spite of the emotional rift you now have between Ranma and Akane there is still love there. I'm not naive enough to believe that love conquers all. But one can hope.

I will look forward to seeing your further updates. This is definitely not one of the most fun Ranma fics I have read. However, I can easily say it has been one of the most compelling.

Thank you for sharing

11/7/2002 c5 15Zorknot
This is the third time I've read this, and I've enjoyed it more each time. The one thing that I find wrong with it is that it's unfinished. Even without the relatively new information (however foreshadowed)about Ranma, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. And what happened to Ranma seems to unravel the ends intead of knitting them. So not only as a reader but as a writer I'm intensely interested in how you're going resolve this. On a perhaps related note I'm also wondering how the upcoming bout with Ryoga is going to go...

Anyway, this is a great fic. You manage to tell all sides of the story so well...part of the time I'm thinking Akane's a bitch, then I'm thinking Ranma was the one that was wrong, then I hate Sayuri, then I wonder if maybe she has a reason to hate's a big picture sort of thing and it is, in a word, awesome.

Thanks for sharing.
11/7/2002 c5 Patrick Stapleton
Man, this has obviously been one hard chapter to write. While it usually takes you a year between chapters, the actual chapter is usually done in a couple of months. This one has gone on for most of the year, and shows no sign of finishing up anytime soon. Given the problems the characters are having to face, and face up to, which are so far beyond what they began as, I can see that you have your work cut out for you. I wish you luck.
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