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6/27/2009 c7 1Neihaera
Is there any hope of completion?
5/26/2009 c2 Wordlurker
Finally! I say, I thought he/she was gonna let people walk over 'im all day... I've never really understood why people always insist on having Ranma take everyone's shit without ever having a temper tantrum of his/her own. The guy has an ego the size of the moon, no way in hell would he/she automatically assume that yes, it's his/her fault, I'm scum and worthless and so on.

URGH! It's getting pretty cliche...

But finally, FINALLY, someone wrote something where he actually DOES SOMETHING except just take it like a good little loser.

And how Nabiki actually dares to screw around with him is surprising... She's gotta know that a person will only take so much before they snap and lash out, and a guy who can shatter granite with his bare hands is not someone you want to get angry.

Good work!
6/13/2008 c7 ljt007
Well written.

I would love to see this continued if you're so willing.
6/13/2008 c7 162eRI
what the hell ! where is the next update T_T !

This story is so good and sad ! we want to know what happen ! (i really think the anime/manga Ranma would abort !)

well, see you soon I hope !
5/25/2008 c7 Violet Shadows
I liked that scene, in fact I really like this entire story as a whole and I'm sorry to see its likely dead and burried...the only thing I didn't like...more that I rather expected was when ranma ran to his mother, I thought he would have come clean, that his sense of weakness and loss of honor would have sought redemption on the tip of his mother's blade, that he would have weighed the love of a parent against an honorable death and saw the situation as more or less a win win siutation. Other than that its been truely an enjoyable read.
5/21/2008 c2 Violet Shadows
...Was that a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe Reference?

Anyway all I can say is this is truely a masterpiece, no work I have ever read, perfessionally or not, has ever captured the casual cruelty of the human perspective, nor the uncertainty born from a life of abuse. Too be honest I had to walk away from this, it was physically painful to read on, I would find myself clicking back, reading a paragraph and then going to listen to a song, because it was that emotionally trying to read.

Trapped by social pressures and expectations I think we can all relate to ramna at some level, especially those individuals who are already having issues with their own sexuality.

I have never in my life read a single story infused with such an overwhelming level of emotion, if you have ever written professionally, or one day plan to, please tell me, because I would dearly like to read anything else you have written.
5/12/2008 c1 Violet Shadows
Has a nice Jean Rhys feel to it.
12/14/2007 c7 Rose1948
I finally found this story again. I remembered bits and pieces of it but could never remember the title nor the author. However, I remember how the first few chapters held me, riveted, with a sense of, well, majestic foreboding if you will. Then I had, I HAD to go to sleep and I forgot to bookmark it.

Your story poses more questions that it answers. Yes, abortion is a major decision. Yes, Ranma is quite unprepared to be a mother and raise a child. Yes, Akane is... Akane.

In ancient Japan, abortions were one of those unspoken common things. A famine, too many children too close together, some fun time with someone not the husband and, oops, he's returning home after a 2-year absence and...

So, yeah.

MY question is are you ever going to finish this?
10/17/2007 c7 2Tatsukai
Suspense. Is. Killing. Me!

It took me forever to read through the first six chapters and now there's only the _beginning_ of the last chapter? I _need_ to know how it ends!

9/7/2007 c2 ev80
Wow, after reading Apron Strings I quickly jumped to this story. You've done just as wonderful a job with this one so far as you did with the other one. That is...emotional depth. Ah, such a blessed thing to find for a change :)

The guilt Ranma felt is so misplaced. Akane tortured Ranma physically HOW many times and then when he finally blocks her from doing it again he's treated like this, for fighting back? Hurting someone weaker than you is horrible, yes... but not when that person has chosen to hurt you. Still, that Ranma's breaking away a bit at the end of this chapter is satisfying. Also, Akane never joined in that much with the others, which is in her favor.

8/2/2007 c7 36Six-string Samurai
most intriguing. I look forward to reading the next chapter in the future.
7/13/2007 c7 kats24
This story has thus far intrigued me and I am looking forward to its conclussion. I seriously hope you have not given up on it.
6/7/2007 c7 3Asgeras
Heh...I hate it when I have to give two reviews in a row. However, I felt it necessary in this case.

First off, the critiques.

The worst problem I had with this fic had to do with pronouns. Now, I understand that things get a little confusing where Ranma is concerned. Ranma is one of the few characters you could call a "he" when she's a "she" (or vice versa), and it would pretty much be correct. This leads to many different options. However, the rule of thumb is that you either: a)refer to Ranma by the appropriate gender for his/ her current gender, b)refer to Ranma by the pronoun he/she identifies with in the relevant fic.

Things got a little confusing during parts of the fic, which is particularly harsh during a fic where Ranma's current gender is so crucial. I understand the various pronoun missteps that the other characters made (Akane comes to mind), but you often refer to his girl-side as a "he", without letting the reader know this fact, at least until later in the chapter. This was more confusing, due to the fact that you would occasionally refer to Ranma as a "she" when in his girl-side.

But enough of that... :P

Next, character relations, character development, etc. This is something you should be very, very proud of. This is what (in my eyes) makes this fic excellent, and it really shines. There are some things which seem somewhat unlikely (the way Hiroshi and Sayuri relate to each other, as well as others, in reference to the "incident" is an example, in my opinion), but, overall, everything is excellent.

The last item I'll critique is the fact that Nodoka seems like she might be left out and have some unresolved issues. Mind you, theirs a LOT of characters with a LOT of issues in this fic, but Nodoka should definitely be addressed. This is especially true, since, at the beginning of the fic, you had her be a something akin to a foster mother for Ranko. Holding that as truth, there is absolutely no way that she wouldn't at least contact the Tendos later on, in order to make sure everything is alright. In addition, Ranma could also do with a little closure, as far as that is concerned.

Okay, that's it for critiquing...I've probably bored everyone to death.

So...just a few more things.

One of your author's notes says that you're sorry for the delay, but here's a chapter for the few that are still following the story.

I think you would be surprised at just how many people follow this story. It is a very, very good story. That just means that you have a lot of people pissed at you for not finishing it yet ^^

Seriously, though, thank you for the fic, and I sincerely hope you do finish it!
6/6/2007 c1 Asgeras
Oi...I think I see where this is going. *shudder*

I don't particularly want to talk about menstruation, but your description is fairly accurate. Although I've never found myself having crying fits because of it, I will admit that it can make someone a little moody. And that's where I'll stop...

I'll give a more through review after reading the rest. However, I thought I would give you a heads up that I'm enjoying the story, despite it being so angst ridden that I have to take breaks. I certainly hope you keep at it until you finish the fic. I always hope that's the case for good fics, but especially for angst fics. There's always a part of me that hopes for a happy ending...
6/6/2007 c7 2NemesisZero
For the love of all that you hold sacred, man... finish this thing. I don't even care what happens so long as there's some sense of closure to the incredible roller-coaster of emotions you've put me through as I once again read the story start to current ending (I think I'm on my 4th or 5th time now).

Don't just fade away like some punk, Mike; finish what you started. This story is just too damned good to be relegated to the dead fic pile.
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