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1/25/2007 c7 anon
Next century: Back to Akane. What advice will she give her former fiancé? And who else did he see and ask for help, during the previous night’s wandering?


Well, I have yet to see happosai, shampoo, ukyo, or any of the more obscure characters show up, so now seems as good a time as any.
9/19/2006 c7 Materia-Blade
... I hate you... first fic to bring me to tears in three fucking years and you aren't finished and haven't updated 9 months.

This was the most depressing and well written piece of fanfiction I've read since Iris. And that is saying something.

I'm gonna go watch family guy now. ... I'm so sad...

Thank you for the amazing picture you paint with your words.
9/18/2006 c7 19Daft Strangus
I just wanna know who did it? Who raped ranma?

But also please do continue with the story it is very intertesting.
6/18/2006 c7 8Ellen Kuhfeld
I'm glad to see you back on this story. It's been unfinished business for quite a few readers, I suspect, as well as yourself.

Best wishes - Ellen
5/26/2006 c7
'“I know.” Kuno eyed him coolly. There was no fear there, only a strange calmness in his restraint, almost as if he had done this before.'

Hahaha, in a 'serious' ranma fanfic it is nice to see that some things are still just as mad as in the anime. The somber and visceral feel of this fic makes it even better.

Most fanfics to me are just monotone words that may as well be from the same mouth. Then there is a clash of the authors opinion and the fool that dares to embody the wrong opinion. Young, pretty and available types that can learn to do anything by focusing enough chi mixed with ki. Loud, dry, lenthy and redundant justifications of the most closed-minded juvenile interpretations of content that was plain and needed no interpretation. Torture. Most ranma fanfiction these days is torture. I read it for the same reason people watch bad movies.

Then there are stories like this that make me feel what is swimming behind the characters eyes and burn an image and feel of a scene into my memory as though I were there. That is cool. Almost as cool as being able to tell who is talking without having to backtrack.

By posting this you are doing a service to the fanfiction community and people like me who are to cheap to pay for cable tv.
3/7/2006 c7 12Tuisto
Interesting, well written, highly detailed, though I see much of it just as filler. Dark and dramatic certainly, my understanding of emotion is not to par to understand much of this story. Still, I'm genuinely perplexed by this fictional variation of the typical thing you so often see from Ranma1/2 fiction writers, that you have created here.

I'll wait, wait and see how you decide to proceed with this.
3/4/2006 c7 3The-Shadow002
Another great chapter added to the story. The way that Ranma and Kuno was more civilized then usual which is good for Ranma I guess considering his current frame of mine.

I'll be interested to see which direction you choose to go with this in regards to Ranma keeping the unformed child he/she has.

I'm hoping that he doesnt keep it as that wouldn't follow through with Ranma's morals, his honour or the culture of Japan.

Regardless thats only my opinion which is quite irelevant in this case. Excellent work and I'm looking forward to what you have planned.
2/6/2006 c7 Phidaissi
It's great to see more from you on this story, I've enjoyed it quite a bit.

Given Ranma's situation and general japanese culture though, I think you'd need extremely mitigating circumstances for him to keep it - even though I'd love to see him keep it anyway. :P

It does however give good rise to introduce many other plot lines. Perhaps the 'cure' Cologne has provided will have some side effects? Maybe the standard chemical abortion fails for some reason forcing him to use the 'cure' in spite of such side effects? Maybe he chooses to keep the baby merely because such side effects would be *even worse*.

There are still many twists that could be thrown in, and I'd love to know who the rapist was as well. Get the creative juices flowing and treat us to some more. :)
1/28/2006 c7 3Skywatch
Updates on _Choices_ are always amazing things. I'm glad your writer's block has lifted. :) I know I've said this before, but your writing, specially the way you flesh out the characters, is superb.

On whether Ranma keeps the baby or not, I think the question is - what would *your* Ranma do? And what kind of advice would your Akane give him? I tend to agree that if these were the real characters, it would be pretty hard to see Ranma keeping the baby. But then again that Ranma - raised and believing in that "man among men" mantra - would've probably killed himself by now. Not to mention, would the canon Ranma talk this over with Akane, the girl he's always avoided seeing him weak?

What I mean is, even if your characters skew pretty close to the original, you've taken both Ranma and Akane so far beyond what they were in chapter 1 that what they'd do now shouldn't necessarily be based on which action is OOC or IC. That's true of your other characters, too. Kuno's pensive, Mousse does Ranma a real favor - these are pretty strange things in the Ranmaverse, but they sound believable here. Again, that's a tribute to your writing skills.

So I'm going with - just do what you feel is right for the Ranma & Akane you've written here. Although they'll always belong to Takahashi & co., at this point in time and in this story, they're really yours. These are literally your "Choices," and I can't wait to find out what the next choice is going to be.
1/22/2006 c6 Maxine
Er... That was supposed to be "after almost a year of avoiding FANFICTION(DOT)NET altogehter." ^^;;
1/22/2006 c7 Maxine
Damn it, I checked back on this story a couple of days ago (after almost a year of avoiding altogether, lol) and was absolutely thrilled to see so many updates for it! So I wrote out this pretty lengthy review, submited it, and I've only just noticed that it never went through! Unless I'm just not seeing it or something. In any case, I'll try to reproduce it here as best I can.

Basically I wanted to tell you that while I understand what many of the other reviewers are saying about why Ranma SHOULDN'T keep the baby, I still really, really hope that he does. ^.^ I'll admit, what drew me to the story in the first place was the whole idea of Ranma being pregnant, and after years of reading it, and after all that has happened, I'd be kinda disappointed if all it led to was him, to say it somewhat harshly, getting rid of the baby. Not that I'm against abortion or anything, because I'm not (well, I don't personally agree with it and I'm more pro-women's rights than pro-choice, but that's not important here. ^^;;), I just...heh, well I just plain want him to have it!

Other than that, I'm still thoroughly enjoying this fic. I love your characterizations and I really like your style of writing. I'm just as hooked on this story now as I was all those years ago when I first found it! Ha, way back before they deleted my account for no reason... _ I know I've reviewed for this fic in the past, though I highly doubt you remember me. ^.^

Anyway! I'll stop rambling now. And if you did get my first review, then I'm sorry for posting this one as well! Looking forward to more updates! Also looking forward to Ranma going through with the pregnancy! Don't make me get on my knees and beg, hehe. ^.~
1/20/2006 c7 5Mike2
Normally I wouldn't reply to my own story, but following the most recent reviews (many thanks, by the way, everybody) I thought a comment or two might be a good idea.

When I first started Choices way, way back when, there weren't that many pregnant-Ranma stories about. My intention had always been, when I plotted the story out, to have him carry the child to term, since that seemed to offer more story possibilities.

Of course, now that I'm finally at the point where he has to make that decision, it's all become a bit more complicated. Whatever I've outlined, what makes sense for both the character and the story takes precedence. (Hell, according to my original outline, Choices was going to be one or two chapters, max!) Which is to say: I'm thinking it through again. And yes, your feedback does make a difference, so again-thanks.

Most importantly, though-whatever happens, it in no way reflects my own beliefs regarding abortion, women's rights, Asian beliefs, or anything else, really. What I believe is irrelevant. Personally, I also think what's common to Japanese culture isn't very relevant, anyway. The majority of readers of this story aren't Japanese, and it's for a western audience that I'm writing. I mean, the whole opening-party scene is far more North American than Japanese. Besides, I'm not convinced many of us our experts on real Japanese culture anyway. And in any case... well, it's not like Ranma and Co are very traditional, are they?

Hopefully the story won't disappoint, whatever direction I bring it in. The next update should come soon... I really want to finish the whole story off in 2006!
1/18/2006 c7 Sohel
Whoa, at long last the first part of the last chapter. It's been a long road, hasn't it? Well, nice start anyway.

But c'mon! Don't tell me you intent to make Ranma have the child. That's just wrong. Ranma is not like that ( well, i think so, but it's your story after all) and wouldn't give a damn for being "unwomanly". He should abort it and would do it in "real" life, I'm certain. Or are you more of the "pro-family" faction and killing souls whatsoever?

Well, Ranma with child because of a rape was always controversial. I just think Ranma wouldn't keep the child, only if he/she was okay with doing "it" with a guy.

1/14/2006 c7 4ShadowBakaSama
I agree with Angela and Dennisud, it would be OOC for Ranma to keep the child, and for others to push for that. As it stands it conflicts with Ranma's honor and duty to carry the child. Ranma is honorbound to marry four or more different girls, keeping and raising a child from a rape violates that duty and would have Ranma cast out of his family and on the street with no honor, no family, and no job or hope of getting one.

The Amazons would be even more pragmactic, Colonge might have slipped her potion into Ranma's food already and given him a placebo. Shampoo will probably be interrogating the teens from that party until she finds the worthless male that violated her husband, she might be using strong-arm tactics or hypnotic dim sum, but she will be tracking down her husband's enemy.
1/9/2006 c7 1t wrecks
Ranma repects Kasumi, and might want to somehow hear his mothers opinion. I think Akane should stick with him, and he out of some weird nobility refuse. Best scenario, send kid to China with Amazons to raise. Either that or after he makes decision to keep it, have him lose it. Can imagine lots of angst over that.
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