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9/2/2005 c3 Andrea35
A brillant third chapter with a climaxic confrontation, was nice to see the both of them alternatively loose their tempers and restraint. I was a nice way also to show what feelings Tonks was facing when Remus disappear. Her feeling of betrayaland abandon were heart-wrenching but also highly human and it was tough to read but a worth reading. I'm curious to see what chapter 4 will be : Tonks 's war strategy to win Lupin ?^^ It is also a nice way to deal with the fact that the outburdt in HPB's hospital scene was not an isolated fall out but a long story.
9/2/2005 c3 2taniita
There was a lot of dialogue in this chapter. The points they made were great, and your writing is wonderful, but I think you could have made it even better if you had incorporated more body language into it.

I've been told so many times to show and not tell (in writing)... body language would really help with that. Along with things like pauses or silences, or the light flickering or a car passing by. Know what I mean? It just makes the setting more real.

Anyhow, I loved it, especially the fluffly part! *cough* :P

Update soon, I hope!
9/2/2005 c3 katie2310
Wow! Just read all 3 chapters and can honestly say this is the best, most well-written NT/RL fic i've ever read (and I've read a lot). Really thought you kept the characters and managed to make it romantic and passionate but still believable, unlike some of the soap-opera style romances out there! I know you want suggestions but sorry, I can't think of any improvements - keep up the good work! Update soon!
9/2/2005 c3 dolly
aw! That was such a sad chapter1 Looking forward to reading the next one. :)
9/2/2005 c2 LadyMaundrell
yay! u updated! great chapter... yes we all want to hex Remus... but i think we should let Tonks do that. I give u props 4 a great chapter! update soon!

9/2/2005 c2 2grasshopperon
OOH! Remus is so stubborn. If even Molly can't convince him, Tonks really has her work cut out for her. But then again, Tonks has got Remus's love on her side (even if he's too much of a butthead to understand. I LOVE YOU REMUS I DONT MEAN IT!) anyway, it's beautiful as always. very accurate Remus and Molly. Can't wait too see what tricks Tonk has up her sleeve, if she has any (she better! or else it will just be sad). Keep writin' and so i can keep readin'!
9/2/2005 c2 Hyrado
oh! this was just as good as chapter 1(though sadly devoid of deranged sirius). Aw, Remus is too adorable for words! And go mrs weasly!

more soonest!

9/1/2005 c2 23PinkGloom
I like! Molly is always giving good advice! Remus is being a butt head but we all love him anyway
9/1/2005 c2 7Lady Theadora
9/1/2005 c1 23PinkGloom
WOW! I loved this! the descriptions are excellent! I really like the feel I get from reading this story. Very easy to read and understand! I was totally gripped and I am so happy you are making this a multi-chapter! Once again, what a winner!
9/1/2005 c2 mika
grr.. i hate you (j/k) it's just that after watching all the stuff on hurricane katrina and I felt like crying. and now this Remus being a bonehead and hurting Tonks and himself is gonna make me cry. Molly is so right. Hopefully the hospital scene pgs 623-624 made him realize
9/1/2005 c2 3AStarGazingGirl
I am sensing a Harry Lupin connection. I didn't realize it until I read this chapter, but Remus is doing now, what Harry did at the end of HBP. I really loved this chapter. You keep everyone in such great character. It feels as though these are just scenes that JK Rowling cut from the book. Remus is a butthead, but you are right, he does come around! I can't wait to see how you write that, but I know it's a bit off. As for now I will just wait to see what Tonks has to say about Remus leaving! I can't wait!
9/1/2005 c2 TrinityDD
Oh, good lord! Remus really needs to drop the Noble Act! What a prat! But you did a wonderful job with him, and Molly. Loved the dialogue and thoughts.

Oh, and btw, I agree with you 100% about Tonks during HBP. I'm sick of all her bashing. I know that if I went through half of what she had to endure during HBP, I'd be a complete wreck. And I'm sure a lot of the people that whine would be a wreck, too.

Anyway, great chapter. Can't wait for more. :)
9/1/2005 c2 Andrea35
A nice developpement of the three main stupid arguments from Remus and it's quite funny to see coming Tonks 's wrath at Remus 's hidden mission. It was also really realistic to make Remus lose his nerves; A very nice chapter.
9/1/2005 c2 dolly
I'm really enjoying this. You definitely have got the chracters down. I like that you're taking the time to explore their feelings properly as well. Very well written- please update soon!
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