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9/18 c10 Guest
This cured my autism
9/4 c1 hi
o yes daddy
8/23 c10 Guest
I was told this fanfiction was kind of weird. After reading it, I was very disappointed.

Some of the things that happen are a bit far-fetched, but for the most part, it all seems like a normal part of everyday life.
7/31 c1 21Crazy Rob
Truly one of the great literary masterpieces of our time, to be shelved alongside classics such as "Ulysses". Definitely recommended reading for anyone who wants to become a better writer- not making this up.
7/25 c1 Fuckpillow
Bounced on my boy's simian dong to this for hours
7/19 c5 Guest

. . .GFGFZ
7/15 c10 Guest
Well, I've forgotten how I even came across this story. wtf.
6/28 c3 Lulu
Once again, wtf did I just read?

And why am I getting more obsessed with this story, the more I read it?

Also: "Harry, you must rock the fuck out" - This is the greatest sentence I've read all year. I think I need a tattoo of this
6/28 c2 Lulu
...dafuq did I just read

also why do I want to read more of this
6/9 c10 The racist sheri
this story open open my mind to a universe beyond my own, Thany you dear ma
5/15 c10 Guest
Wtf man
That's fucked up
I like it.
Lol jk wtf
5/9 c10 1Anderius Watcher
Thank you for leaving me brain dead.
5/9 c10 Paul Garros
amazing! his great with the mamma mis soundtrack!
5/9 c10 Guest
69/10 best anime ever will jack off to again
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