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6/6/2011 c1 6EpicFail94
yesyesYES! fifteen minutes of searching and i finally found it again! i dont know why i didnt fav this story when i first found it, but iv been searching for it on and off all day!
5/9/2011 c6 EpicFail94
hmm... sorry Sirius, but i think i like Princess's version better, lol

more soon?
5/8/2011 c2 EpicFail94
yes! Go get your man Sirius!
8/26/2006 c6 31Lyra Writes
I loved the story... loved the last chappie, lol, keep updating!
11/5/2005 c6 33Captain Oz
Yay yay yay! ::claps hands in delight:: Sorry I haven't got anything more constructive to say, but this is really cool! And lovely! And wonderful! So please keep it up...
10/27/2005 c6 Sunflower Seeds
This chapter that Sirius wrote was so funny I was laughing my ass off and my mom though I was going insane. Sirius is so full of himself it's hiarious. Well I hope you get back to the real story, please update soon!
10/25/2005 c6 anonymous
sirius, i gotta say i loved your chapter. because we all know thats how everyone sees you. anyways o most beautiful and talented one, can princess go back to writing now? cuz i wanna know what really happens
10/25/2005 c6 6chels-amazing
THIS STORY IS EFFING AWESOME! I SWEAR I will kill you if you don't finish it. I will track you down and bring a knife! BWA HA HA HA HA! =coughattack= Anyhow. It's quite good and even if Sirius doesn't appriciate your writing skills, I do...So bleh Sirius...

I am a bit disappointed...Because I'M in love with Remus...but this is so cute, I don't mind. Keep it up!

10/25/2005 c2 Erulasse
Once again, very good, but formatting does distract from the quality, as does the occasional mistake in grammar or spelling.

Just so you know, I'm not claiming to be perfect, or flaming you. You have a nice story here, I'm just trying to help you make it better.

Abs x
10/25/2005 c1 Erulasse
This is really very good, but I'd like to point out the formatting makes it a little difficult to read at the end - maybe put in a divider? Also, your little script is a bit too long for comfort.

Abs x
10/25/2005 c4 2MidsomerMelody
I liked this chapter! Hope to be able to read more of this story soon (actually, sooner than the last update ;)

Well, that's all I have to say: Keep up the good work!
10/25/2005 c4 Krial
your story is very nice, I really like it!

I'd like translate it, for an italian site... send me an email if you're interested! ( excuse me for mistakes but i'm italian! -.-' )
10/16/2005 c3 18Goddess of Idun
arggh! update! update!
9/5/2005 c3 1A.pen.as.my.sword
You did not just do that :(

Oh, how I hate cliffies.

Great story, by the way :-p
9/4/2005 c3 Dork
heh-heh Sirius got a kiss!
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