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9/4/2005 c3 6Tanja88
did not see that coming!

Loved it!

Update soon!


9/3/2005 c2 Karamela
aww. Poor Sirius!

cant wait for more!
9/3/2005 c2 8thoughts without purpose
ah, poor sirius. this is a great story, keep it up!
9/2/2005 c2 19Viosil Uab
Ho yep, so nice XD

thanks for the cookies oO (yay! choco chips xD)

This chapter was a really good job, i´m sure that you will do a great job with all this...good look ^^


Pd1: My girlfriend here (be the way, i´m a boy xD) thinks that you rocks her socks xD

Pd2: Sorry abour my lame of english, is not my first language ^^U
9/2/2005 c2 16Coulter
Well, I really like your fic ^^. And I love the fact that is SIRIUS who is madly in love and REMUS who likes someone else, and not the other way...

And the thing that I really, really love about you fic is Peter! I hate when they put Peter like a stupid good for nothing because, please, he WAS a Marauder!

I can imagine the scene: Peter helping Sirius getting Remus and James helping Remus getting the Ravenclaw bird XD.

Well, ciao, and sorry for my awfull english :P
9/1/2005 c2 13cofcgirl
aww...poor Sirius
8/28/2005 c1 19Viosil Uab
Quite lovely ^^

Please, update soon!


Pd: You know, you should admit the annonimous revs, most of them are quite nice ^^U
8/28/2005 c1 6Tanja88
Update soon, it's sweet.


8/28/2005 c1 13cofcgirl
This is awesome!
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