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for Five Teens and a Chocolate Factory

10/11/2018 c2 18Gs33022
Thanks! :D
10/11/2018 c1 Gs33022
Can you please update this?
1/11/2006 c2 5K3RR W33ZY
Good story. Care to read my story "Everyday is a Holiday"? (review too.) I like the whole Charlie and the Chocolate Movie. (both of them and the book too)
9/3/2005 c1 35chicagonebananas
good story
9/3/2005 c2 4Jexiny
I love the idea! I think it will be funny seeing the titans as the 5 kids.Please update the story! It's really good and the suspence is KILLING ME!
9/3/2005 c1 20anyakie
Sorry I just want to review every chapter!

ooh! I forgot you know robin and sta- I mean the couple, they could get locked up in the factory somewhere alone, and robin- I mean the couple could kiss! *Sigh*
9/3/2005 c2 anyakie
Hm... Intresting idea! I LOVE IT!

Hey, did you hear they actually trained the squirrels one by one, and they weren't animated! That is so kool!

As for the pairings I'll give you some advice:

*Starts to whisper* ROBIN/STAR! (So much for whispering!)

I like Violet best in the new film! She's so pretty and active! And I don't think she'll at all horrible, just confident! I love the scene when thev've just walked through the doors and Violet hugs Willy Wonka! *Cracks up*

I bet the Starfire version would be like this:

Starfire looked curiously at Willy Wonka, striding along proudly. He seemed like a nice person, prehaps he wouldn't mind.

She closed in and hugged him tightly. He immediutly tensed up.

Ok so maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

* * *


Um... sorry! Update soon!
9/3/2005 c2 5whiterae
good chapter. update soon.
9/3/2005 c2 5Luckyladybird
I like it it's rea;y good plese update soon and what will the parings be
9/3/2005 c2 3jalele
cool! XD this fic is great! keep-on writing, plz! ;) see ya then

9/3/2005 c1 Isnt-BB-soooo-cute
hm i like were this is going but maybe Cyborg and BB shld switch characters Cyborg has more muscle referring to Gloop who has more body fat but anyways gr8 story cnt w8 till u update
9/3/2005 c1 178Lavenderpaw
A Willy Wonky crossover,how cute!I love you the you're setting the TT charators into the role of the moive.I'll hopefully get around to read ch. 2 soon and update soon as well!Check out my story to,entilled of Of Stars,Fires And Flares if you get the chance.Byez!

8/29/2005 c1 10The KDP Firebird
Good for a first chapter!Keep it up!What are the pairings if there are any?
8/28/2005 c1 5whiterae
that was really good. update soon

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