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8/9/2008 c2 amberholic89
awsome loved it
3/12/2008 c2 MiniShrink
This is written fantastically. You do Tara's voice perfectly - she's not stuttering at every flipping word, including some that are near impossible to stutter on, or that just don't make sense when you say them out loud. She's characteristically harsh on herself, but it's not a blunt, heavy stream of self-hatred. She really seems 19. Brilliant job, I would be so happy if you continued.
2/17/2006 c1 Taladora
Wow. I must say, this is a GREAT fanfic, and It's really special to see me give nothing but compliments. ;)

Most of Buffy's fanfiction is kinda... lame, but you are just great.

I beg you to continue this fanfiction!
10/5/2005 c2 Chelsea
I love it! Please keep updating, and I would LOVE for it to take a romantic turn. Keep up the good work :) Do you have any other stories on fanfiction?
9/18/2005 c2 22AsamiBlackfyre
yay! Tara's so sweet. i love how you portray her thoughts lol.
9/9/2005 c2 Tag
very cool... hope to see more soon cause your doing a great job!
9/8/2005 c2 Sink Or Swim
WOW! I love that you gave us both point of views on there 1st meeting , the description you have given over what both girls felt and thought during this meeting was just beautifully written and ever so sweet ! I cant wait for the next update you really have an amazing writing style that brings the reader right into the world you are creating.
9/3/2005 c2 4Brittney Brightside
Aww you are way good. I can't wait for the next two chapters. Though I would prefer you go with the four idea.

-smiles brightly-

Yeah, this rocks!

-Does a happy dance-

Yay for early Willow and Tara!
9/1/2005 c1 foundling sirrah
This story is wonderful. Your writing style is descriptive and alive. I'be always suspected they has met before the Wicca group meeting. To answer your question, yes you should continue the story. 8)
8/29/2005 c1 Brittney Brightside
Omgoddess, I know you are thinkning along the lines of One-shot. But you should really continue this. I mean...you just rock. And I love Willow and Tara. And rarely do people play with them accuretly. But you, you got it. i feel like I am watching the show. And that doesn't happen. It just doesn't. So please, even if it's only one more chap, will you please continue?

-Smiles hopefully-
8/28/2005 c1 Element of Destiny
I like the way you write, and I'd love for you to continue this fic! I'll absolutely be waiting for an update! . . . . . *sitting here waiting* . . . . . . .
8/28/2005 c1 22AsamiBlackfyre
yea, you should definitely continue this. one-shots are cool, but good fics are even betta! i highly recommend that you continue
8/28/2005 c1 Anyanka11
oh yes, please do continue! i love this.
8/28/2005 c1 musicgirl141
Go for a longer story! I like it.

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