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12/26/2012 c1 2Hessian304
YAY! Happy ending.
9/10/2008 c1 Sarah Zitter
I love this story can you PLEASE continue with this story. I would love to know what happens next. Plus can Erik and Christine get married and have a child PLEASE. PLEASE e-mail me back at sarah.


Sarah Zitter
11/14/2007 c1 2Adi Sagestar
I absolutely /love/ this one - it's not your average Christine-comes-back story - I love all the details, the background, the fact that it ends when it does leaving us to imagine what happens, the /adjectives/... splendiferous, simply splediferous.


10/9/2007 c1 8Emalin
WOW. I loved this! You know the fuzzy, kinda sad, but ultimately satisfied feeling you get after you finish a good book? This story gave me that feeling. The ending was perfect, leaving their reunion to be completed in the reader's imagination. And the story itself felt so real! It's easy to write whimsical, sentimental romance, especially when it comes to the Phantom of the Opera. But your story...WAS...REAL! :)

Brava, one hundred times over!

9/1/2007 c1 amandab821
Aw! That was great! I loved it!

I think it should be continued.
1/14/2006 c1 persephone
I'm completely baffled how this-an actually good and moving story demonstrating some actual knowledge of the period-could have so few reviews when horrifying travesties of grammar, spelling, punctuation, characterisation and believability have over a hundred. The writer of this story probably wouldn't actually want to get most of that feedback, but it's still absolutely astounding.
12/30/2005 c1 CherylCatherine
This is an exceptional story, very well written! You are extremely gifted! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.
11/17/2005 c1 1AHealingRenaissance
Please write more! I want to know what happens next :)
11/11/2005 c1 Myli
If you continue this story I will be your greatest reviewer! I LOVE THIS STORY! M
11/9/2005 c1 Indy's Lady
Holy Fucking Hell.

You my dear have done the impossible.

You've rendered me speechless. Utterly and totally.

I am extremely impressed, and hope to see more of this story soon, because I do not believe that this was meant to stand alone. It better not be meant to stand alone.

If you don't update soon, when the power of speech returns to me, I'll be extremely vocal in expressing my displeasure. Clear? Good.

Your obedient reviewer,

9/10/2005 c1 13Unseen Watcher
Very nice. It showed her grow as a person and was very easy to picture. Loved the ending.(please allow anonymous reviews so someday I can comment again. ~_^)
9/2/2005 c1 Twinkle22
wonderful! I really hope you update soon b/c I can't wait to read about their reunion! I just love how you started this story! :)
8/31/2005 c1 1Mini Nicka
8/30/2005 c1 23Legwarmer
hi, i put you on my story alert list because right now i don't have enough time to read your whole story, but i will, later. i've read only several lines, the first ones, but i was thrilled and you MUST write on because i love this.
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