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7/30/2014 c28 6blackmoon9793
So no epilogue, huh? Oh, well, it's a wonderful story nonetheless. I can't believe it's been nine years since I first started reading it. How time flies.
7/23/2012 c28 39Darci the Thespian
Nice story!
7/18/2008 c28 hafflepuff gal
hi I'm hufflepuff gal and i like your stories so keep up the good work.
8/27/2007 c28 4Soccergirl0388
this is the best remus and tonks' daughter story i've read so far

please write another chapter its a major cliffhanger

what happen's now that everyone knows?
6/28/2007 c28 4KRP
so, is that it? i thought you were putting an epilogue in too, or something. unless it takes five months to think of one :P

nice little (well not so little) story. certain parts seemed a bit rushed but its all good. although, i must say, in the end you kindof left out any hints that Enna displayed any lupine traits. in fact, i think the last mention of it was checking her eyes on that guy's badge, or the mention of a 'silver' ring as a christmas present.

bit of an interesting ending. kinda would've proffered to see more of everyone's reactions. i guess Hermione could continue with those wedding plans in full force and claim it wasn't a waste of time after all :)

well, thats all

see you around. :)
6/17/2007 c28 63PinkFairy727
I really liked this story, normally i'm not to fussed on the stories about their kids but I really enjoyed this, well done :c)
1/8/2007 c28 4summerluck2
Aww it's over!


Very excited!

This was a great story and I hope to read more from you.

12/27/2006 c28 8xtotallyatpeacex
Wow, this update has taken a while! Aw, the ending was so cute. Really liked your story, can't wait for the epilogue! (By the way, I think the alerts are down so that might be why no one knows about the update?) :D
12/26/2006 c28 1I Want To Be Your Canary
Let me say simply, wow. This is possibly the best- no, I'm fairly certain it IS the best- second generation fic I've ever come across. Your characters are real, not carbon copies of their parents, and the plot is wonderfully original. I came across this story on the recently updated fics page, and promptly read the entire thing. I laughed a lot, I cried when Isis died, I felt chills when Enna went to the werewolf holding center, and I grinned like an idiot when she and Ricky wound up together. It was poignant, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable. In all honesty, the only thing I can truly say I dislike is a couple of the names, but that's just my personal preferences! I'm totally floored. This is going right to my faves! I can't wait to read the epilogue, and I sincerely hope you plan to write more Harry Potter fanfiction in the future!

Totally starstruck,

11/15/2006 c28 4awpotdc
Don't worry about Mr. Block. I have him on my Charmed fanfic too and theres 6 alerts on it! Ahh well. I found your story doing a random Remus daughter search and I love it :D I love future fics with my fave couplings (and yours too apparently) and alternate fics and past fics. Your ideas are original, and funny when needed to be, and emotional when they're meant to be. I so hope you're going to continue past this and into Enna's life. That'd be awesome :D

Vicki x
10/8/2006 c28 livinoutloud
this is so great
10/1/2006 c28 11GinevraEowynUndomiel
I'm in marching band too! it's a tough schedule and i completely understand.
9/14/2006 c28 16ice-connoisseur
No! Well, get some time as soon as you can! PLASE!

9/13/2006 c28 69Pandora of Ithilien
ah, we have a mutual friend then... ;) alas, school does cut into the time we could be spending on more enjoyable things, but it's necessary, and can be interesting. i look forward to your next update.
7/15/2006 c27 16ice-connoisseur
At last! Great chapter, loved the bit with Danae, and the line at the end when Harry sauid "about a week"...it was so harryish...UPDATE SOON!

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