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4/30/2008 c21 22Trixie Ray

why did you stop writing?

OMG!i have to say, i've never read such a perfect fastlane ff!

i mean it's too good!

i'm such a lazy person sometimes but i didn't mind reading these chaps!they're awesome!fuckinck awesome!

you really should continue it!


i love these two!they are so perfect and meant for each other!


please continue!


8/2/2006 c21 steph myers
this is a good story. I hope you update soon. great plot line, too. I like the growing conflicts and resolutions facing the characters that you have added. keep up the good work.
7/4/2006 c21 23prplerayne
Yay, you're back! Nice update! Torture. Drugs. Good stuff! Van being all protective. Even better!
3/27/2006 c20 steph myers
this is a good story so far. I hope you update soon! keep up the good work!
3/7/2006 c20 prplerayne
Good update! Yeah, I know how life can get in the way of writing and stuff. What is Billie up to about now? What about Deaq?
3/7/2006 c20 65DKM
That was a GREAT update! So full of emotion! And I'd call you out on Van's parental issues, but I can do that by email. Besides, this is pretty damn good as is. I don't think you need to worry about it because the story makes sense. Don't change it. I like it.

Didn't watch the Olympics... School and homework and life in general. Sorry about your dad. I hope everything is going to be okay. I find that writing is the best way to get through a tough day, so keep doing it. Good luck with everything.

2/17/2006 c19 fan4fastln
Just catching up on these last 3 chapters- excellent job. I can't wait for the storm!
2/15/2006 c19 DKM
Oh! WOW! That's awesome! I loved that change up of POV. Very nice to see what happened between her and Deaq. Good to know. DAMN! MORE SWEETIE MORE!

2/15/2006 c19 23prplerayne
PREGNANT? OMG! Wow! Okay, I REALLY want to find out more about the Trisha/Deaq deal. Great chapter! Sounds like Trisha and Deaq could be a fic in themselves. Great job!
2/13/2006 c18 prplerayne
She's what? OMG! :O Yes, you shocked me! Very good shock! I love her POV. You better get back here and clear this up before I go mad with curiosity!
2/13/2006 c18 65DKM
OMG! That was so amazingly beautiful and so amazingly... amazing! LOL! OMG! I wanted to cry. Oh, wait, there's a tear running down my face! Holy crap! I loved that update. It's so sad and so beautiful at the same time. I hope there's more coming soon. Please update!

2/12/2006 c17 23prplerayne
Yay! You're back! It's so good to see you again! This is, as always, a good chapter. Now Im really interested to see where this is going! Especially the Trisha part! If you want, you can email me about Billie's POV and we can discuss it. Id be happy to give you any advice I can. I really like this story and would hate to see you give up on it!
2/12/2006 c17 65DKM
Oh, wow! Finally! An update! Yay! I'm so happy! This has seriously been my week! OMG! I'll email you with details later. Now, with the story. I love Deaq's POV on all of this. It's very touching. As for Billie's POV... I'm kinda lost. Here's my suggestion: Write whatever comes to mind about the rest of the story. That's what I do when I'm stuck. I start writing the other scenes first so that at least my head is still in the game. When that's done, I take a look at it and work backwards to what needs to happen before that part in the story. That's what I did all the way through Sub Zero. Everything that was written about Aspen had been written before everything everything else. It's really helpful. Try it and see what happens. Okay, onto the next story. Please update soon!

11/4/2005 c16 fan4fastln
I like your story, it's almost a poem. I like the little cliffhangers you threw in the end there too. You got me wondering about identity of the pilot. Keep going.
11/3/2005 c16 DKM
OMG! We finally get a name after 16 chapters! Yay! So, Martin... ASSHOLE! I'd love to see what Van has in store for him. Should be very interesting, considering what he's done so far.

But in terms of Deaq... Oh, my... Former lovers are very had to face. IE: My ex... Don't wanna go talking about him right now cuz all I wanna do is kill him. But that's a story I'm gonna save for later.

Great update! And lemmie guess... The pilot is Trisha? Update with more soon! Good to hear your dad's home. I know how things like that go. What'd I tell you? Things work themselves out in the end. Hope everything goes well from now on.

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