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for Is it to late for love?

11/3/2005 c16 prplerayne
I'm so glad your dad is back home! That is wonderful! Nice update! I can't wait to see who the pilot is! I can only imagine!
10/24/2005 c15 prplerayne
I like this chapter! It's short but I like it! A lil more on how Deaq gets the plane from this girl would be great! I hope your dad and Camilla are doing well!
10/24/2005 c15 65DKM
WHOA! So, Deaq was in LOVE? Who is this woman? More importantly, does he still love her? DAMN! This story just keeps getting better and better! And all that info about what Van's done... It makes a lot of sense now with the previous chapters. But, WOW! That was a great update! Very interesting stuff.

Okay, I'm gonna get back to doing homework now, and try to recover from my hangover as well. UPDATE SOON!

10/13/2005 c14 DKM
OMG! Wow, what a chapter! Good thing Van's got some focus. Where the hell is this guy? What country is he in? Canada? Mexico? Somewhere else? Please come back soon with an update! I wanna know!
10/13/2005 c14 prplerayne
Wow, quick update! Yay! So, he's found the creep huh? I like this chapter very much! So, Deaq is at Billie's place when he gets the call. How is he gonna explain to her where he's going and what he's doing w/o telling her anything? I can't wait to find out how you'll work that out!

Oh, yeah you're evil alright, but SO good at it! lol
10/12/2005 c13 prplerayne
OMG, he wants to MARRY her? Man talk about a slap and a kiss! First he goes on a suicide mission while she's ASLEEP and then proposes in a NOTE! How freaking awesome is this chapter! I love it! However I do hope when Van comes back, she gives him a lil h@ll before jumping his bones and accepting his proposal! Are you gonna write that so he gives her a ring in some real romantic sorta way? If you need help, email me, Im good at those scenes!

I'll continue to pray for Camilla!
10/12/2005 c13 DKM
OMG OMG OMG OMG! WHAT THE HELL? That little note really suprised me! OMG! And she said YES! WOOHOO! That's so totally awesome! And as for that cliffhanger... Whatcha trying to do to us? Kill us with suspense? OMG! Please update more soon!
10/11/2005 c12 prplerayne
Good chapter! My heart sank as I read this, eventhough I knew it was coming! Please update soon, I gotta know what happens to him!

I'll pray for Camilla. I hope she is going to be okay.
10/11/2005 c12 DKM
OMG! Van is a crack head! What the hell is wrong with him? Why does he still have to do this? If he loves Billie, he should have just let it DROP! Uh... Men. Thick headed, stubborn, and so totally overprotective. So, what happens next?

BTW, hope your friend's okay. I've lost quite a few this past year, so I know what you're going through. I wish you both the best of luck.

10/4/2005 c11 prplerayne
I love this chapter! So sweet! It's nice to see them both so genuinely happy! And what do ya know, Van can cook! What a shock! lol Update soon please!
10/3/2005 c11 Hiroto
Horrible Grammar, but an okay plot line. Try having someone like a beta look over your story before you post. It is a pretty good story other than that.

10/3/2005 c11 DKM
OMG! That was an increddible, sweet chapter! I loved it! I seriously can't wait for what you have for us next because the dynamic between Van and Billie in this chapter is just so wonderful. Please come back with more soon!
9/27/2005 c10 prplerayne
Aww. What a wonderful chapter! So sweet! This is definately one of my favs! Update soon please!
9/27/2005 c10 DKM
Aw! I loved that update! It was soo sweet! It made me smile, big time! I had to reread it at least two more times. That's definitely one of my favorite chatpers. It's just so beautiful. Great job! More soon, PLEASE!
9/19/2005 c9 prplerayne
Aw man, another cliffhanger! I love this chapter too! Update soon please!
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