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for Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Mutant

4/5/2016 c2 1TheSilverDragon360
more chapters please
8/30/2011 c2 Lilli
This is totally good, and should continue! I'd LOVE reading more!
5/19/2011 c2 32MidnightShadow07
I've noticed that it's going to be almost two years since you last updated, but I just thought that I let you know I like the idea you have going on and I do hope that you'll be able to update again!

1/31/2011 c2 3Leticia Moriarty
interesting story
8/26/2010 c2 5Dark Neko 4000
what going to happen next
7/7/2010 c2 3aliexia
update! and for an odd pair...ummm...what about...neville and one of the really outspoken girls, Rouge's outspoken in the books, but not as much in the movie and I can't think of the other girls...so yeah...update!
6/16/2010 c2 2pixieVAMP393
im gng 2 keep this short WOULD YA STINKIN UPDATE!
5/30/2010 c1 10An Ocean Under A Thousand Suns
ahhh very good are you going to update this i hope you do!
12/22/2009 c2 GypsyHorse17
WOW that was an amazing story please please please write more it is just so kol!
8/26/2009 c2 an anonymus cat
7/31/2009 c1 36alienyouthct
Self-insertion fail. Stop writing.
7/22/2009 c2 1Shadow65
cool please udpate soon
7/8/2009 c2 13roudyredd
I like it so far. It's really interesting. I like Kurt alot. (but that's probably b/c i'm thinking of the XM evloution Kurt) -Redd
7/8/2009 c1 roudyredd
this sounds really fun. can't wait to read more. please update. -Redd
7/6/2009 c2 TonksTwilight
Please write more, as this is extremly good!
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