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8/9/2019 c15 28Temple Cloud
I like this, especially the way the same characters' answers change over the years - but how do they have Earth constellation signs in the Star Wars universe? It's surprising enough that they have broccoli, chocolate, and vanilla.

Now I want to do a Vorkosiverse version. I've worked out answers to at least some questions for most of the characters:

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TELEVISION SHOW? (Bothari) I don't have one, but years of guarding Lord Miles, particularly when he was injured and immobilised and his grandfather might pick this moment to assassinate him, means I know every line of every episode of Vorthalia The Bold ever made.

WOULD YOU GIVE UP YOUR SHIRT FOR A GIRL? (Aral) Yes, of course! And share our meagre rations at her insistence with a half-dead man who'd frankly be better off being put out of his misery.
(Bothari) Lady Vorkosigan tells me I risked my life to protect her from being raped. Then they erased my memory of it. Nope, she doesn't understand why, either. (Miles) Always - including if the girl is an eight-foot-tall genetically-engineered wolf-woman with fangs and claws. I just wish any of them would let me give them my planet, as opposed to giving UP my planet for them.

DO YOU GET ON WITH YOUR PARENTS? (Elena Bothari - aged 18) I love my father, even if he's embarrassing when he does weird things like trying to smuggle weapons everywhere, and it's annoying that he won't let me go to university. He was my hero all through my childhood, and I wish I could be a tough, ruthless soldier like him. My mother died when I was a baby - I wish I could have known her. (Elena Bothari-Jesek, aged nearly 19) My father was a deranged war criminal, and if he was still alive I wouldn't want anything to do with him. My mother handed me over as a foetus when for all she knew I was going to be used for medical research. She doesn't want anything to do with me. I hate everyone in my family - except Baz.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE? (Bel) Lots of times, with all three sexes, but currently mainly with Miles, who is only interested in a relationship with someone who's exclusively female, and Nicol, who didn't want to hang around with a bunch of space mercenaries and has gone back to her home space-station. Am also having an affair with a man who is in a long-term polyamorous relationship with his male boss and his boss's wife, on a planet where for some inexplicable reason people are supposed to pretend to be exclusively heterosexual and monogamous (and I don't intend to mention Oliver to Miles, and especially not to mention that that the couple Oliver is in a relationship with are Miles's parents, as Miles is still convinced that I don't know his real identity).

ARE YOU A RIGHTY, LEFTY, OR AMBIDEXTROUS (Miles) Of course I'm not a Lefty, I'm Vor - oh, I see what you mean. I write with whichever one isn't currently broken, or failing that, the one that hurts less. (Nicol) I play music with all four hands, but I'm particularly skilful with my lower right hand.
9/10/2016 c13 Guest
Leia's actually 4'11''
4/10/2015 c14 39Brievel
You've got my vote, Artoo! In fact, I think I'll write you in this year...
4/10/2015 c12 Brievel
Yep. Even as a commander, he still has it...
4/10/2015 c10 Brievel
I WANNA SEE WES' AND HOBBIE'S ANSWERS! (Psst, Wedge, my sister's free - we could make it a double date, ya know? Luke needs a girl, and I'm free...)
4/10/2015 c9 Brievel
Now, *Han* I will admit to being a possible Leo. xD
4/10/2015 c8 Brievel
The third question made me kind of gasp with horrified laughter. Gulp...
4/10/2015 c7 Brievel
Blankie! :D
4/10/2015 c6 Brievel
Aww. *sniffle* Now I'm kinda sad. :/
4/10/2015 c5 Brievel
This was my other favorite. xD Cackled multiple times, I did!
4/10/2015 c4 Brievel
Awwww, I like Obi-Wan's best. :) I've got a huge soft spot for him...
4/10/2015 c2 Brievel
There is no way that brat is a Leo! And Ani? That 'nice romantic music' is called Across the Stars.
4/10/2015 c1 Brievel
Um, Padmé? I think you let the cat out the bag...
3/17/2009 c15 52Jaeh
cute stuff - teehee, surveys!

-Jaeh ^^
1/8/2009 c15 4Nala162024
It's true who would ever marry C3P? God, is he annoying. I love how Han hates him and calls him goldenrod.lol.
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