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5/9 c58 2adafrog
5/6 c23 Flora fairy
The science one seems like a good and interesting idea, it you ever thing to continue them
5/5 c39 Kudou Shinichi
I love the expansion on this theme. It's very clear that a lot of hard work went into looking up certain chemicals and laboratory equipment for a well funded chemistry wiz.
5/5 c37 Dianasis2012
That was my favorite Picard episode. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Reliving the pleasure I feel with Picard's tale in a new form was great.
5/5 c39 FriendlyFire59
That was fun.
5/2 c193 5The Durdens Wrath
I would honestly love to read this as turned into a series
5/2 c19 FriendlyFire59
"Let them Eat Cake" this could be a fun short story with 5 or 6 chapters covering convincing Harry to marry Luna, bribing Hermione with the extensive tracks of land..I mean, big library, and finding ways to misunderstand Nymphadora so as to tell she can't be a concubine.
5/2 c16 FriendlyFire59
Dobby saves the Day seems like it could be a great crack story, especially liked the 'Evil Monkey ' reference.
4/30 c193 7bleeb90
I adored the Gilderoy Lockheart & Harry Potter chapters 3
4/28 c193 11LiekkeenValve
These last few chapters of Gilderoy and Harry have been a delight!
4/27 c147 10TheLoud
I suppose I’m a horrible person for wanting more details about Remus the porn star.
4/27 c145 TheLoud
Thanks for the fun stories.
4/22 c124 matzeztam
Hope you will write this one day as a fanfic. I really like the idea
4/22 c193 Zicou
Had a bit of a HP break, came back to find a few missed chapters of Odd Ideas and decided to re-read it from the beginning, still LMAO!
Loved this new Lockart arc :)
4/21 c39 harper230
It's hilarious! Snape's hair change and please a one shot were Harry Potter develops a magical nuclear weapon.
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