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5/19 c125 HowardAmos
A brilliant start.
5/11 c136 Runecutter
Harry is a whining wuzz. Of course nobody gets his references... Pinky and the Brain starts to broadcast in September 1995. While that is in the past for any Xander as Buffy is set in 1997 to 2003 and first Halloween Janus Event was ... third season? so 99-ish, it is still a few months in Harry's future after he returns from that "posession"... (Beginning of book 5, thus late summer of 1995, July, maybe early August), PatB would run in America after they return to Hogwarts, in Britain probably half a year to a year later. Narf!

Why does the Black house have an animated image of a Muggle Soldier/boxer have hanging around? I mean okay, having a teacher giving hints on the fighting seems advisable, Xander has a bit "unusual" experiences with no real smoothing out the flaws of his "style"... but the picture as described does not seem to fit into the location.
5/9 c192 12excessivelyperky
I still love this storyline, and I especially love Neville and his grandmother in this one.

And won't Dumbledore go spare when he gets the Harry from the books instead of the beat-down orphan so grateful to be 'rescued'.
5/7 c191 excessivelyperky
Both brilliant *and* wicked.

Especially Neville, there at the end.
5/7 c190 excessivelyperky
Brilliant! People learn helpful things from the book, Lockhart is writing more or less the truth, the Dursleys are certainly happier without Harry around, and Harry himself is getting a much better and broader education (also, eating on a regular basis and wearing decent clothing-plus, I'm sure Gildylocks would never neglect the grooming charms).
5/7 c116 1MonCappy
This is a version of Snape that could've made the world of Harry Potter a much better place and one that Lily would embrace in the afterlife.
5/7 c95 Guest
Hogwarts vs the UU.
I would really to read that one!
5/6 c127 Runecutter
He, i liked at least the Metallocalypse Crossover in the last Omake. Rockso :D hah.
5/3 c195 Hortensia
Brilliant idea to let Harry be rescued by Gilderoy! You make it work splendidly and I hope this will someday be a larger story.
4/29 c93 Runecutter
Oh no, tachyons are just fine.

The Higgs Boson is annoyingly "normal" if you read into what it does, it's role in the systematic of subatomic particles is connected to the two interactions that hold atomic nuclei together, nothing miraculous.

Tachyon on the other hand means "fast particle" and it refers to matter that is (physically impossibly as you cannot have a mass at rest AND be faster than the universal speed limit for the expansion of information, it makes weird things happening in the formulas, including "reversing time", which is not a deadsure method to time travel but instead means the formula is broken by the conditions put into it) faster than light on its own. The effects you described are absolutely plausible for tachyons, although that probably does not describe "a" particle, but a whole class of particles like Barions or Hadrons (as in "Large Hadron Collider", the main particle accelerator at CERN), so you'd have something like 3-5 subcategories included in that moniker. Subcategories nobody really can know as tachyon is not a real thing.

But just to have fun let's make some up... like chronitons that Scifi Series like Voyager also mention in regards as being the energy required for an object to time travel (from chronos time, supposedly they would be the quant that delivers the information about "time passing" as light is the quant delivering energy and gravitons are the theoretical messengers of gravity/mass), polarons (as in "reverse the polarity" the famous Dr Who punchline, driving the model further, they could be what determines which universe you're in, as in "positive, negative or charged differently" for a DC/Marvel Style Multiverse or again Star Trek "real/Mirror" universe), fulmions (from "fulminus" lightning, referring to "the Flash", the DC Superhero that can outrun time), Imagyons (obviously "imagination"... you want Midichlorians? Here are your midichlorians... although i'd not go into details and just mention how magical beings need a great saturation of their cells with these particles and the various problems cause them to be transformed or displaced with the other particles, making her magic less reliable and her metabolism kind of under"nourished", alternatively this class could be named manyons from "mana" or magyons from "magic" or even Skoobyons if you'd go the "American halfbloods do all the modern research" route... and if you'd like a Pterry route "thaumatrons" as i think he used thaumaturgy for magical science a lot) and just to weird it up "Mysterons" (as in Captain Scarlett, the name just means they know these things are there, but not WHAT they do... could even be the real reason for the name of the Department of Mysteries where before the 1950s it was just the Department of lab-thaumaturgy or "DoLT" since about 1820).

And yes, these things could explain all the phenomena you touched upon... make the body spontaneous decide to be at any other place or time, whole or not (temporal splinching sounds "fun"! and just think of the other side... like finding a buttcheeck suddenly appear on top of King Henry VIIIs buffet ;)) to change realities between parallel universes and so on...
4/22 c182 yochan123
i love lavender brown being a top duelist. it's the best fic that gives her true personality and charm :D

and yes fuck snape die bitch die
4/14 c147 orcsome
This one was just brilliant. Rorschach, you've done it again. This went in a direction I did not expect.
4/13 c40 SafaiaFureia
I'd love to see what happens next and your plans for Ron
4/13 c38 SafaiaFureia
This one would be a riot if you could figure out what to do with it!
4/13 c37 SafaiaFureia
I would love to see this continued... and for Harry to drop in on Mr. Olivander and see his grandson.
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