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9/1 c188 Kid Coheed
Love the Supernatural bend to a classic Make of yours, still prefer Halloween Echoes and still desperately waiting a full story
8/25 c11 Guest
*sputters in incoherent babbling that may contain laughter and may contain horror*
8/25 c9 Guest
This is really entertaining, thanks!
8/19 c158 1Forsoothandconquest
Okay so apparently the pros from Dover means Hawkeye, but how does that explain Amelia being scared of children?
8/19 c158 Forsoothandconquest
I like the idea that Malfoy goes to another universe just to lie about the god guys being bad
8/18 c147 Forsoothandconquest
They had us in the first half not gonna lie
8/12 c194 noylj
Better than third mate wingnut
8/11 c190 noylj
As long as Harry is actually learning, it's OK
7/31 c196 Anon
7/28 c196 23stevem1
These bits and pieces of stories are absolutely brilliant. Thank you for writing. I laughed. A lot.
7/28 c194 stevem1
This is hilarious. Dumbledore is crazy enough to retire to become a superhero.
7/28 c192 stevem1
The Gilderoy Lockhart as a Gentleman’s Gentleman is brilliant.
7/28 c190 stevem1
This is a brilliant concept. Harry Potter and Gilderoy Lockhart actually having adventures together. Well done.
7/28 c186 stevem1
This is a great story. A corrupt Auror doing good.
7/28 c170 stevem1
Time traveling Sirius is awesome.
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