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for Sleep Pretty Darling, Do Not Cry

7/4/2007 c2 PsyKnight
Very good, it has a lot of potential.
9/10/2005 c2 Rachel Lake
its amazing! keep writing it. im excited to know what happens. youre an amazing writer and i absolutly love all of your diction. it makes it so much more beleivable and colorful. i can just imagine all of these events taking place, walking down the narrow hallway, blowing the rose petals across the way. Its all so good. i just have one queation. in the prologue bridget wasnt born yet, or so it seems and brennan was. but in the next chapter it says that the pin was given to her for her eighteenth birthday and only sentaces before it had stated that brennan was seventeen. then later saying she gad been told of her mother for the last fifteen years. so im lost asto what age i am to think she is. just noticing. but its wonderful. next time you update let me know and ill come check it out. its cool to know people can still write well and im not theonly one looking for some good writing. keep it up!
9/8/2005 c2 31Symbolist
Oh this is good... this is *very* good. I wish we had more authors like this in our Fairy Tales section. I love how you've made it authentic Ireland, even as far as the character's names. Very good, very good, I'm definitely adding this to my story alerts. I can't wait for more!
9/8/2005 c2 11Unveiled Creativity
Hey, good story so far. I like that you've set it in Ireland, and that Bridget has an older brother. The stepmother doesn't seem too evil...yet. Keep writing!
9/7/2005 c2 31Aedyn Star
hmm... i think that comment about nothing coming between her and her father is an invitation for something to come between them. interesting set up, please continue!
9/5/2005 c1 Aedyn Star
hm interesting start. hope you update soon!

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