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for An Unlikely Team

4/13/2016 c2 ratchetxclank
4/13/2016 c1 Guest
haha monkey ninjas kicked dragon jake's butt
2/3/2015 c18 Julia
This was a TRULY amazing story! i just wish you could write more!
8/11/2014 c6 lulu2613
Huntsgirl always wore black
7/2/2014 c18 frankenstn1969
great story. and if you ask me great place for a cliff hanger is there or will there be a sequel?
7/2/2014 c18 frankenstn1969
is there a sequel to an unlikely team?
11/4/2013 c14 11Maeph93
These chapters are short.
10/5/2013 c2 Nyala Kurta
I always laugh whenever Ron freaks out over monkeys! Dude needs to get over that ridiculous fear: monkeyphobia.
6/11/2012 c18 1ProlifeJesusFreakWriterGal
Really great! I loved it! I wish they did a real episode or even movie of this.
3/28/2011 c1 Jazzy
O_o I read this... Like forever ago and I just read "A most deadly alliance" and was looking at your other stories... Huh.
2/18/2010 c19 allora123
when next chapter?
8/9/2009 c8 9DYlogger
So Lao Shi and Jake tell Kim and Ron, total strangers, the existence of magical creatures, and not Jonathon Long?
8/9/2009 c6 DYlogger
Not all girl ninjas wear green... think about Yori. And Huntsgirl wears burgundy in season 2.
8/9/2009 c5 DYlogger
Yeah, News Flash: Huntsgirl's name is Rose, not thorn, and she's working with the dragons.
7/12/2009 c19 M.G Christiani
ha. i liked that. very good.
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