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12/3/2006 c19 3Kaladelia Undomiel
I don't think you butchered anything but meh... I'm bad at Elvish too... uh Wow... Neville killed Bella? Cool they were idiots to go to Hogsmead tho... and then not run... but meh... Harry's threat was sirious... AH bad Kale bad... very bad pun... anywho... I think that Fleur's Idea is great... good kob Aragorn for letting her go and do her thing without protest... poor Gin... to young... and recognizable... I like the name of the next chappie... I think Arwen Fleur etc will find out Harry and co. were captured... and maybe some more things... but it would not be wise to try ploy a second time no matter how successful the first might be... and... the Elves... what be up with the elves you ask? It somehow be tied with Voldie... I do agree he hasn't entered Middle-earth himself but... well UPDATE SOON LUV!

12/3/2006 c19 1Ugly Duckling
You forgot "Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel"!
12/3/2006 c19 11Fk306
I hope everything ends up for the better

I'm glad that Bellatrix is dead. She deserved it after killing Sirius!
12/3/2006 c19 4An Unknown Writer
great job! i'm so glad bellatrix is dead! XD! hehehe please update soon!
12/2/2006 c19 darkcelestial20
arg this chapter was getting angsty and it had just hand to end on a cliffy. please update asap.
12/2/2006 c19 Twin Tails Speed
This is a excellent chapter update.
12/2/2006 c19 14Medilia
you cant do this to me one full week!
12/2/2006 c19 1sharpnineuke21
awesome chapter. BELATRIX IS DEAD! YAY!
11/27/2006 c18 14Medilia
great chap but hate cliffys
11/27/2006 c18 24Protector of Canon2
Wow. They got it. That one was easy. Oh well, they've got to get lucky at some point. But... TENTH TIME! That's so Fearsom Foursom. Er... Fivesom.
11/26/2006 c18 Kalle
YAY FOR UPDATES!AND YAY I CAN REVIEW! BO Cuz I AIN'T GOING HOME! gr... sorry for spaz.. anywho GO GIMLI! HAHAHAHAHA Stupid Macnair... Silly Fred, George etc. for not telling Order about the first 9 attacks... uh WHY AIN'T GINNY GOING!... Stupid Harry... anywho... the Goblins are annoying... VERY annoying... Go Centaurs for LIFE DEBT... very useful... yay they have Tiara!... okay I'm spazzing and rambling but meh... It's been awhile since could review with no time constraint. ... t'other chappie be cool...



11/26/2006 c18 2CrazyVulcanandDementedDementor
Wow. I was board when i stumbled across your first book. that was yesterday afternoon and i stoped about three that morning. than i noticed that you had a 2nd. and just finnished. 99 bottles of beer on the wall:-) you should bring that back i think Voldemort would love to here it somtime dont you (throws head back and laughs evilly). um, but at the end of that last chapter you mention "last Horcurx"? What happend to the thing of Grifendors? Please updat soon and regulary, but a a fellow aurther i understand how hard that can be at times

may the grace of the Valnar favor you

Crazy Vulcan
11/26/2006 c18 Twin Tails Speed
This is a excellent chapter update.
11/26/2006 c18 Hoku ala
very good chapter but i argee with Ron, stupid Goblins
11/26/2006 c18 TSFreedom
Awesome great job ^^ keep it up and I look forward to your next chapter.
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