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8/22/2006 c16 1Professor A. Silvertree
Damn you, write more, more, more I say! I reread the first story and am reading the second story! You had best get back to writing this, or I will take the fellowship away from you, forever. Do ya' hear me, forever!

*clears throat* Ahem, thank-you, that was a splendid story and I wish to read more. Though I must warn you, if you don't update soon my evil side might come forth and that would not be a very good thing, no indeed not. So please update and I shall continue a raving review.

Sincerely Yours,

Aravis Silvertree

Isilwen Elensar

Arrianna McBurl

Allendiea, Empress of Imperial Egypt

(Heather K.)
8/22/2006 c16 celestialgurl
hey! just to tell you that i LOVE this story! its fantastic!

can't wait till you update though! *nudge*
8/7/2006 c16 Arien
The tiara is in Gringotts, isn't it? The goblins said something about a mithril-like object towards the beginning being somewhere in their vaults. And I bet that Gimli's friendship with the goblins will be important in finding it.

I can't wait to see the next few chapters! Keep up the good work.

-Arien, "Maiden of Sunlight"
8/6/2006 c16 Mary I
I have read both of your crossoever stories and I am completely enthralled by them. You have done an excellant job of blending the two groups together. I can not wait for more of 'You Have My Sword'.
7/21/2006 c16 Velvet Obsession
YAY! I luffed this chapter. So that's what? Diary, ring, snake, locket...they have the cup, the tiara's at the, that's all of them! Cool. I hope you update soon! :)
7/21/2006 c16 Hoku ala
This is a great story, I can't wait for you to be done!
7/14/2006 c16 69Touch of the Wind
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter, i also have read your first story in this and think both are brilliant, Update soon, adding this to my C2!
7/13/2006 c16 1toooldforthissite
Yay! More HarryxGinny fluff! Also, you didn't go to far to make us all sick. That was great! I LOVED this chapter! It ruled! Wow... I didn't think the death eaters would come. I just thought that they'd seach for the cup, find it, and go home... But I was very happy about the death eaters suddenly showing up. I guess they were looking for it as well... That or spying on them to ambush them for the cup later. Or something like that. I dunno, I'm jsut guessing. Anyway, PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

I LOVE this fic!

7/9/2006 c16 TSFreedom
Absolutely wonderful ^^. Please keep up the great work cause I can't wait to see how this story ends ^^.
7/7/2006 c16 4Estel Ashlee Snape

I like the story. I read the first story and just read through this one. I cant wait to read more!

7/4/2006 c16 8BrownieMelody
Amazing chapter! Of course Arwen kicked butt! Dur! But I love that everyone thought that the beautiful elf princess couldn't fend for amusing! Anywho...awesome segment...can't wait for more! Keep up the good work!
7/1/2006 c16 31coolmarauders
AWESOME! I love it! Hope they can find the crown soon...

Great great story. I love it! Seriously. This is the kind of thing that makes this site so great.

Moony of CM (see previous reviews)
7/1/2006 c15 coolmarauders
What a plot twist! I'm impressed!

Moony of CM (coolmarauders)
6/30/2006 c16 10WhiteTwitch
lol funny ending
6/30/2006 c16 Kelsey Estel the TolkieNarnian
This is an awesome story. I really like the blending of LOTR themes and HP. The characters work together nicely. I especially love Aragorn and Harry, and Hermione with the Ringbearers (though I think you might be neglecting the friendships in favor of romance.)

One more thing: Why are they using the invisability cloak to get into Hogwarts? What happened to the secret passages under Honeyduke's and the Shrieking Shack? And where is the Maurauders Map?

again, this is great! I love it!

More soon?
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