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4/21/2006 c14 Starmaker Superstar
please update soon ! i ned to know who harry recognized!
4/19/2006 c14 8BrownieMelody
AH! You must update soon! I NEED TO KNOW! WHO DID HARRY RECOGNIZE? Please-I love this story and its killing me! Awesome job though!

4/14/2006 c14 1legolasfan91
i really like i hope you update very soon. where is the other portal? will legolas and aragorn be friends again?

i do think luna is a little young for legolas.
4/8/2006 c14 1PinkGirl17
Can't you just give me 1 or 2 hints? PLEASE?
4/7/2006 c14 4Marikili68
i love your story update soon
4/6/2006 c14 12foryouareanemberintheashes
Just got cought up and I love it! absolutly love it!
4/6/2006 c14 10WhiteTwitch
4/6/2006 c14 darkcelestial20
one word damn. i just spent the last three nights reading the 1st story and this one. got to say i loved the adventure.

OMG what's on the tapestry or more like who's on the tapestry.arg please update soon.
4/4/2006 c14 3Kaladelia Undomiel
I LOVE IT GIRL! Winky... revealing where the Cup is... Harry Descended of Godric Gryfindor... Galadriel gave him that sword didn't she me know remember... ANYWHO... THe seceret passage... I LOVE IT! though why would Sam tell them about the fight?... I know you can't tell me this and I'll find out nxt. Chappie but Is it Elrond... Arwen... Hobbit... Elf... Man... Dwarf... Bilbo... can't be anyone in Fellowsip... Helga Hufflepuf... and _ Ravenclaw(sorry I'm doing some reasoning here...) Eowyn... Galadriel... Faramir...? I repeat I'll prob'ly find out soon but...


4/4/2006 c14 karlurbanlove2003
oh my god how could you just leave it like that. i demand you update as soon as possible. what did harry see? does it have anything to do with lunas lineage? if so is she actually in some way related to galadriel and if so how? is it saruman that is with voldemort because in the last story you said that when he died harry saw some kind of mist. could it be like what happened to quirell in the first movie when voldemorts soul left him? inquiring minds want to know. please update soon because i love your story. thanx.
4/4/2006 c14 18TravelingRoses
I loved it.
4/4/2006 c14 Kei
Gosh! You are killing me! Doing abrupt ending like that! I almost got a heart attack, you know!
4/3/2006 c14 CJ
Pls update soon...the supsense is killing me
4/3/2006 c14 5Brandy Lebeau
*growls* don't you go doin' that to me you!*grumbles* I can't believe you leave me with a cliffy! PLEASE POST SOON!
4/3/2006 c14 14Medilia
hey i love ur writing u r one of the best. keep going ur doin great. oh and just woundering is eldarion going to be in this?
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