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4/2/2006 c14 12Cathelina
OMG! A cliffhanger! And harry is Godric Gryffindor's heir? I just wanna know what harry found la! Update soon!
4/2/2006 c14 1EvelynTheWise
4/2/2006 c14 Dragonfire0230
you better update that was such a cliffie. Can you tell me what Harry found on the tapestry.I had a hunch that you would say that Harry was related to Godric Gryffindor.AH! tell please ah whatever you will tell us will you.(looking at LATMC as though LATMC was a crazy person)
4/2/2006 c14 11Fk306
sure, dont tell us what he found in this chapter. *looks away pretending to not care* aww please update soon
4/2/2006 c14 lovemehatemejustdon'tfearme
::grumbles:: You don't update in AGES and then leave us with such a cliffie! GAH! You SO better update soon. ::nodnod:: VERY soon.

4/2/2006 c14 WolfbainKohaku
oh you iz so mean! couldn't you just let us know what harry saw in the tapestry besides the four founders? *points at LATMC* ebil cliffie person! ...XD lmao! poor gimli..he was pranked! XD and everyone knows about legolas' and luna's relationship. except for mr and mrs weasley...Hurry to Update! thank you! ^^
4/2/2006 c14 xXPrettyDisturbedXx
4/2/2006 c13 18TravelingRoses
Please update soon I am totally in love with this story.
3/2/2006 c13 Medilia
o u don't know how long i wished i could review i love ur stories plz plz keep it up i wish i could write like you i try but i can't. oh look 2 me i am goin crazy but i just love ur stoires...
2/25/2006 c13 10WhiteTwitch
Uh-oh... I mean I knew about the Luna/Legolas but what's gonna happen now... PLEASE update!

2/3/2006 c13 5Brandy Lebeau
*Snorts and laughs* knew it! KNEW it was gonna happen luna and legolas Yeah! you should make her half veela or somthing to make her live longer... just a hint. *struggs* sorry about not reviewing I don't have a compy at the moment so I can't check my email. I'm writing his at school so I have to get off this site soon a treacher is giving me a funny look...

2/2/2006 c13 3Kaladelia Undomiel
I love the presents, so well thought of... poor Sam... I like that lower your weapons... I had a feeling Aragorn and Legolas wouldn't be through with their friendship... sounds as lot like mine... Oh well... The foursome were stupid yelling get the camera and everything... bloody stupid... oh well... update! can't wait luv

2/1/2006 c13 WolfbainKohaku
i loved that chap! dang i was laughing all the way through. i think i annoyed my sister tho... she gets mad even if i'm trying to type something in the same room as she is watching a show or movie. i think a legolas/luna couple is cool. :) they make a good couple. o! and the part were the guys were wonderin what to get that special someone. lmao. dude, that was sad with sam and aragorn tho. not knowing wut to get their wife. sad. how did they get the gifts to middle earth tho? sam has some very important info tho. he should think about whom to tell it to. that part where fred, george, marry, and pippen was trying to find the camera part wus funny as well. ya., '"HEY EVERBODY! GET OVER HERE QUICK! THERY'RE SNOGGING! THEY'RE SNOGGING!"' was one of the parts were i laughed the most. also where aragorn caught leg. and luna. Hurry to Update! thank you! ^-^
2/1/2006 c13 11Fk306
this is great, poor legolas, please update soon
1/31/2006 c13 13UK All The Way
SQUEE! So cute. I loved this chappie! Nobody knowing what to get the girls for Christmas! Aw! And Luna and Legolas! YES! But Aragorn... poor Aragorn and Legolas. And poor Sam for over hearing. Update soon!

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