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11/1/2005 c10 11Fk306
this is great please update soon
11/1/2005 c10 4Mad Hattress Skylar
That was great. Thank Eru they didn't kill Lupin. PAMS

10/17/2005 c8 1Lost in Land
Ahh the Fearsome Foursome!

I just caught up to the story and very happy with it. I cannot wait for the next chapter.

...yay for Ron/Hermione relationship *shifts eyes*
10/16/2005 c8 11Fk306
this is great please update soon
10/11/2005 c8 freeMAGIC
NO WAY! NO WAY! this can't be happening! Evil Centaurs! are you sure Bane isn't a Death Eater type of thing?
10/11/2005 c8 blackxswan119
wow I liked this chapter! its getting alot to the plot (i ryhmed!) but so far there has been no real danger so far but i think your just getting started...please keep updating!
10/10/2005 c8 3Kaladelia Undomiel
GO LEGGY! AND MERRY AND PIPPIN AND FRED AND GEORGE AND LEE! THEY ALL ROCK. How thoughtful of Dumbledore Gold for Weasly's, Dobby and Fawkes for Harry. GET TO HERRY?GINNY SHTUFF! or more Ron/Hermione. I want Fluff! u be good at fluff! YAY for Leggy's brain centaurs might now join! SQUE! IT THE BE DAMNED DARK LORD!(NOT Voldie-Sauron) For sure now. only he would ask Fred and George fer more info bout HOBBITS!

Both Dobby and Kreacher are one of a kind. Both are the extremes. Hates servitude to all who weren't like their masters. One who wants Freedom loves Harry. Winky was in between always loyal to Crouches. ANYWHO... I heart the chappie's name I LOVE YOU! you rock! WRITE MORE OR I'LL GO EVEN MORE INSANE!

Luv ya always

10/10/2005 c8 13UK All The Way
AH! Stupid centaurs. ::grumblegrumble:: I would not do well in negoatiations with them. I'd prolly loose my temper and yell at them. Lovely chapter. DOBBY! Okay, I'm done now. xD Update soon!

10/10/2005 c8 3Sarah Lila F
It's good. Maybe focus on a few characters per chapter. There's a lot there. Which has its good side and down side.

I'll keep on reading. :)
10/9/2005 c8 5Brandy Lebeau
*lol* pippin and merry are too funny. I wonder how this will end? PLEASE POST SOON~!
10/9/2005 c8 3Jenivy
I have one thing to say:

^_^ LOVE IT!
10/9/2005 c8 8BrownieMelody
Brillantly done! I love the new chapter! The Wildfire Whizbang were amazing! The scene in the Forbidden Forrest reminded me A LOT of the Treebread/Ents dispute-and how Merry and Pippin ...well-you know the story! *wink* Great job! Can't wait for another chapter!

10/9/2005 c8 12Cathelina
UPDATE! It is really a good story! And Dobby's Harry's now! He will really be pleased! Please update soon.
10/8/2005 c8 darknesscomes
Its good.
10/8/2005 c8 WolfbainKohaku
Yay for anouther chappy! :P me love de story! and me glad Legolas got to visit the Forrbidon Forest or Dark Forest. whatever its called im glad that he got to visit it all-in-all. Hurry to Update! thank you! ^-^
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