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3/30/2007 c26 1LeVaire
Great story! I love it, both "Lost in Middle Earth" and "You Have My Sword". I especially love the part where Harry and Aragorn went into the other world and met all sorts of other characters from other books and movies. Although I'm not a big fan of the pairing Ron/Hermione, but I must say I was surprisingly quite all right with it in your story. All in all, a job well done!
3/9/2007 c26 novalearae

Well, I will get straight to the rugby. Lost in Middle Earth was very, very good, in my opinion, just as You Have My Sword was very good, all except the ending. Let me take that back, it was good; I just did not care for it. But, that is just me; I have never been a fan of endings that cover long periods of time. I would much rather enjoy and ending that is a cliff hanger of sorts. But, laddie, or lassie, as I'm still not sure what would be correct, I can’t deny, that they were both, very good, and that I enjoyed reading them.

With regards,

Will Wallace the small
2/6/2007 c26 Twin Tails Speed
This is a excellent end to a wonderful story, and a excellent and interesting sequal.
1/28/2007 c26 3LupinandHarry
Nice story.

Honestly, it wasn't the best Ive read, and some people were a bit out of character sometimes,

BUT something drew me to this story. I dont know what it is, but something compelled me to read, keep on going, see what happens next, and that I think should be applauded.

Overall it was good though, and I did enjoy it
1/28/2007 c13 LupinandHarry
omg wow *jaw drops* im not even done with the chapter and im reviewing, Legolas and Luna...omg its just wow...i cant explain it...
1/27/2007 c26 10WhiteTwitch
What about Legolas and Luna?
1/26/2007 c26 1Salena Knight
It's over... T_T *sniff* I'm going to miss it...

Anyway, *lol* Great chapter! And Wonderful story, over all! v_^
1/23/2007 c26 8BrownieMelody
Amazing! I'll do individual reviews on the other chapters later...because I need more time!
1/23/2007 c26 2SwallowKuraire
It's the end! Cheers to the author! I've thoroughly enjoyed the story both the 1st and this sequel.
1/22/2007 c26 2CrazyVulcanandDementedDementor
is over *sniff* i will what to see what you come up with next

Crazy Vulcan
1/22/2007 c26 1Fallonaiya Sedai
Amazing story, Im so sad it's over! The plot was fantastic and you did a really wonderful job tying everything up.

Can't wait to see what you write next!

1/22/2007 c26 16Carey Ann Lupin
At least Luna and Legolas had a long and happy life together. Shame that I can't cry right now at the happy ending because I'm at work and I don't think the patrons of the library would appreciate my tears of joy. I loved this and I hope you write many more wonderful and fascinating stories.

Carey Ann Lupin
1/21/2007 c26 1Enaila
Thank you for making such a great series! it was magical and medeval
1/21/2007 c26 4An Unknown Writer
no! it can't be over!*runs out of the room crying* anyway... to things that i really liked in the chapter:

1. Jack humor! hehe =)

2. Draco has no life huzzah!

3. Legolas isn't dead... go elves

4. that's totally awesome that Eldarion and Aaron are the same story... sequel? please? pretty please with a cherry on top?

5. just overall an AWESOME story! i can't wait to read anything else you write!
1/21/2007 c26 5Brandy Lebeau
so does that mean you will have time to play beta for me or just read my story "the cat and the dog" the catwoman/harrypotter fic I showed you before?*laughs*

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