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for You Have My Sword

12/29/2006 c22 8BrownieMelody
AMAZING! One more to go!
12/29/2006 c21 BrownieMelody
Awesome chapter-sorry for a short review, but I'm doing a lot at once and I want to keep reading!
12/29/2006 c23 darkcelestial20
oh man what's gona happen to ron and the rest of them? i hope harry and aragorn get back on time.
12/29/2006 c23 2SwallowKuraire
OMG! OMG! OMG! Ron up close and personal with Voldy... I hope he'll be all right... OMG! Has Voldy heard the conversations between Harry and Hermione? OMG!

Please, please update soon! I can't wait for the next chapter. I was getting more and more excited as I read, but had to stop at the end the chapter where the story was just about to reach a high point.

This is a really great story, keep up the excellent work and please, please update soon!


12/29/2006 c23 poohpooh
Omg! You are so cruel to leave off like that. Is the third prophecy even true? What's going to happen to Legolas & co...

Anyway, Great chapter!Cheers.
12/28/2006 c23 16Carey Ann Lupin
Bloody hell! YOu sure know how to give a woman a heart attack! Now we know what happened to the elves and at least their home safe and sound. I keep jumping back to the mysterious man that Voldemort keeps getting help from. It's got to be either Sauron or someone who was really close to the prick. I can't wait for the next chapters.

Carey Ann Lupin
12/28/2006 c23 Hoku ala

Save RON!

Ok, anyway... good job!
12/28/2006 c23 11Fk306
why is voldemort there? ah, this is great please update soon
12/25/2006 c21 PattyBones
Hey finally caught up with this story. The girls are definately showing their guys that they can handle themselves. You are doing a great job. Please post the next chapter as soon as you can.
12/22/2006 c21 27Isis the Sphinx
This is a great fic. But there's one problem. The inheirit trust. I can see how the people that went to Middle Earth would trust the people IN Middle Earth, as they had to fight for their lives next to them. But the people that stayed behind, it's just too chiche. But you've got a great fic overall. I look forward to more. Keep writing!
12/21/2006 c21 TSFreedom
LOL FA Chapter ^^, keep up the great owrk and post again soon plz ^^.
12/20/2006 c21 poohpooh
Great chapter. I love the wild bus ride. It's so funny.
12/18/2006 c21 14Medilia
great chapter as always, I WANT MORE ARAGORN sorry i just love him but its was a good chapter
12/18/2006 c21 24Protector of Canon2
Aw. Percy's a hero! And shouldn't Harry have thought about splinching? Also, isn't unauthorized apperation illegel?
12/18/2006 c21 3Kaladelia Undomiel
Of course they'll be surprised but grateful to the Percy Helping fred and George etc... Ginny and Luna will eventually be able to apperate adn I think Fleur will learn some other things... yeah so I really like the beginning and I PITY Lee it's not like he would've started Kissing Umbridge if he knew it was her at first... anywho... UPDATE!

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