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for You Have My Sword

12/18/2006 c21 11Fk306
Yay Percy! this is great please update soon

and the dream? *shudder* I was gagging in horror XP
12/17/2006 c21 31coolmarauders
Oh dear...this does not bode well for the twins...having to admit Percy saved their bums from being removed!

12/14/2006 c20 1Fallonaiya Sedai
Yay! Brilliant chappie! The seven days thing from the ring was awesome. That spy mision was totally well played out.

12/13/2006 c20 14Medilia
but i'm not pactient i hate waiting! *pouts*
12/11/2006 c20 24Protector of Canon2
GIRL POWER! Too funny.
12/11/2006 c20 8BrownieMelody
Those amazing women totally kicked their butts...well not really, but in an underhanded way they did. I LOVE THEM! Tee hee. Oh hell yes-Gimli threatening Umbridge. This story just keeps getting better and better. What about Neville and the others? Where are they? Was only Harry taken? I hope you can update soon! Happy holidays!

12/11/2006 c19 BrownieMelody
I freaking love this plan. It is the BEST weapon that women have...their leverage over men. Even James Bond is tricked by beautiful women-I LOVE the temptress plotlines!

AWESOME JOB NEVILLE! Crap, now they have Harry! The ladies better save them!
12/11/2006 c17 BrownieMelody
I don't know how I missed these updates! Ah! I need to catch up quickly!
12/11/2006 c20 3Kaladelia Undomiel
... I REALLY like the last line... and interestingly... smart Gin, Smart Fleur etc... but mainly those two ESPECIALLY with the Memory Charm... very smart... I'm glad you value my advice enough to change some parts of the story.. I din't realize I was that high up on your list... cool... well anyway... just out of curiosity what did you change? I think Gimli being called Half-breed would've been the thing that set off the most for he's a PURE Dwarf... stupid Umbridge and her prejudeces... uh wouldn't her lesson with the Centaurs have been enough? Idiot... anywho great chappie me luv...

12/11/2006 c20 11Fk306
this is great please update soon
12/10/2006 c20 Twin Tails Speed
This is a excellent chapter update.
12/10/2006 c20 31coolmarauders
Well, it appears Arwen is good for something after all. I loved how she and Fleur were tantalyzing the men. LOL

12/10/2006 c19 1Fallonaiya Sedai
Oh, very tense chapter and evil cliffhanger ending! Can't wait to see what happens next!

12/6/2006 c19 24Protector of Canon2
Finnaly! I knew Neville would do something important! And now things come to a head.
12/6/2006 c19 TSFreedom
Cruel semi-cliffy so hopefully you'll post again soon ^^. Otherwise it was a great chapter and keep up the great work ^^.
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