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10/31/2007 c2 2simply -v
i swear i've read this before but hey, it still keeps me smiling :)

Dearka never fails to amuse me :)
10/31/2007 c1 simply -v
loved it.

cute, cheeky and smart.

nice narration n dialogue. nice imageries too :)
12/5/2006 c3 Michelle707
OMG how sweet!

i love ur story!
11/9/2006 c3 simply -v
^^ it was nice :D.

you have a natural writing talent...the structure, language, vocab, theyre really good!
9/28/2005 c3 Promicuous Girl
if you must know i hated it nah nah nah im just playin you i love it i love tha ending too chappie 3 it soo sweet its tha best i LOVE it i LOVE DEARKA ND MIRIALLIA well update soon ~Chow!~
9/26/2005 c1 Sabby

love it dahling

mwa mwa
9/25/2005 c3 11Sankou-chan
I loved the ending! too bad it had to end without something fluffy like a kiss or someone saying i love u to the other...but it was still really good
9/25/2005 c3 4decisive-conclusion
Awesome! Thats absolutly fabulous! ha, you made me laugh when he went into seed mode and figured it out using 'mathmatical formulas, and probability' you hate that stuff, and I know it. lol. That was so great! And you had a great ending! Aw! Write that story you where thinking about! You must Michelle!

9/25/2005 c2 Stellar.Star103
I love it!~ you deserve more reviews! Dearka's player attiude is great! DM RULE!
9/17/2005 c2 Misteline
Wow.. Interesting. Update soon.
9/14/2005 c2 Promicuous Girl
loved it ^^ its so cute! whyd she take that plane thing? well update soon ~Chow!~
9/13/2005 c2 2LoveAnime4ever
Definitely LOVE IT! It's really exciting! PLease continue!
9/13/2005 c1 2whispere
i luv it!
9/12/2005 c2 11Sankou-chan
great chappie. Thanks for making this a DxM story! They're my fav couple! Plz update A.S.A.P. I hope mir and dearka will have some time alone. Fluff!
9/12/2005 c2 3Writer of Dreams
Uh-oh. Mir is going to be in hot water when Dearka brings ehr back, lol! But maybe, until then, they will get to spend some time alone, huh? LOL!

Great chapter! Please keep it up and update soon!
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