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10/10/2019 c54 reberebecca
Devo dire che questa storia è molto bella e complessa. Con un sacco di dettagli e informazioni interessanti, sicuramente un sacco di ricerca da parte tua. Ci vuole un sacco di dedizione e amore per dedicarsi ad un impresa cosi ardua.
L’unica cosa che mi lascia perplessa è questo cambiamento estremo da parte di Harry. Tanto forte quanto avventato. Con grandissimo potere ma basta un cruciatus ( di Pansy poi ) a metterlo KO . Mi sembra esagerato. E quando dovrà confrontarsi con Albus o sia mai Voldemort?
10/9/2019 c16 4StupidChinaBook
Is Lucius' mate Severus?
9/21/2019 c69 jeepjeep14
I so love this story and am saddened that it was never finished. I think that this is the 3rd time I've read what is here and it never gets old. I thank you for sharing what is here and I hope you have continued to write in some capacity in these long years.
9/21/2019 c69 Guest
Nooooo i really wanted it to end i thought it was finished .
9/10/2019 c41 fattybandit
just love your story!
9/6/2019 c21 Guest
So, I like the story, or I wouldnt have reached chapter 21. One, thing I with to mention is that Hermione has one point that should be explained; L Malfoy gave the Riddle diaré to G Weasley, with dire consequenses. Harry ended up in one of the very most dangerous situations he had ever been in. I mean, the basilisk was a supremely dangerous monster. There should be an explanation from the senior Malfoy for this. It could be as easy (as I have read in another story - dont ask me where, dont remember) as LM just wanted to embarass A Weasley with having his daughter caught with a dark artefaktene, not being aware of the diarys danger ant the consequenses of it being in the hands of a young, impressionable mind.
9/5/2019 c69 AerynS
I found this story in 2011 and was delighted. It has humor, drama, mysteries, and romance.
I know you said you were planning to re-write the chapters to make them more comprehensive. I had hoped for more by now.
Is there more on the horizon?
9/5/2019 c12 Guest
Havent finished the chapter, but I was just thinking that Harry, as he is now, combined with canon Harry, not having been at odds with Nevill, would have made a copy of the Longbottom book for Neville too. Just saying:)
9/5/2019 c8 Guest
OK, so I like the story so far:) Just wanted to mention that Harry does have Black blood, either from his grandmother or his great grandmother. Canon is vague about who his fathers parents and grandparents were, but Siríus told him they were cousins - whether 1st or 2nd, and whether renovere or not was not specified.
8/24/2019 c69 marybeth.hp7
It's so fantastic to see the great Albus Dumbledore taken down a giant step or two! Thank you for such a fantastic chapter! I hope more are on the way!
8/18/2019 c45 Wattad41c
So happy for Sev and Luce.. love the story
8/14/2019 c69 Amy
.god. i love it .
8/11/2019 c69 Guest
Please please pleaseee update this is soooo good and I would love to see what happens to Harry and Draco, the sweet shop and all the farms bought! Hope you update in the future! :)
8/2/2019 c54 nessiesmith2012
Ummm...so harry withstood a crucio from voldymorts multi times and didn't scream. But a weak spell from a child sent him sceam immediately? The only thing that saved this chapter from being eye rolling irritated response was...maybe your using his elf self as reason, even then that should make him stronger as he is a dark elve not weaker and oh so cliche with the hand to the cheek at such an ending.
7/29/2019 c69 fanfictionlover1234567890
please continue
it's been years...
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