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for Not Your Usual Veela Mate

6/22/2021 c68 Perlz
"And from what his Seeker had observed, the Elf possessed the Silver stubborn conviction to do what they felt was right no matter what the cost to themselves"

The devastating part of this was the cost to their loved ones. Did the king deserve to lose his daughter?
And Harry is going to be king! Lol, it great he has a grandfather.
6/22/2021 c67 Perlz
"There were ways to save Draco's life if something should happen to him. True, Draco wouldn't be as happy as if he bonded with his true mate, but he would live. More importantly, Lucius would be there to help put his son back together again"

Oh Harry..that's assuming Draco would agree to such a thing, let alone be happy at all! Some people would be but others love ..far more deeply. Irrevocably. And Is harry really so stupidly noble and unselfish that the thought of Draco with another doesn't destroy him inside? I'm not sure he appreciated just how deeply and singularly draco cares for him; needs him. Even if they aren't bonded. You think he'd be ok just cuz Lucius is there to support him? Tsk. I hope they bond soon if only so Harry protects himself more.
6/22/2021 c67 Perlz
." If something were to happen to you now that you are so close to being freed... He would never survive such a blow. "

Harry is very wrong. If anything Lucius would be able to survive for his son. He's is (sadly) used to living without his true mate. But Draco...is it that easy? To just foist him off on another and make him pretend? Not if draco is truthful about how much he loves harry. Why would he agree to another mate? Even to survive, I don't think they do that willingly
6/22/2021 c67 Perlz
. Yes, the prank backfired spectacularly, but. It. Was. Not. Your. Fault. The blame lies entirely with Albus Dumbledore"

Umm..it's not albus' fault he ate too many sweets! Thats like poisoning someone only a little, but they died cuz they ate you expected. In this one case I think Harry is at fault. At least he needs to keep unintended consequences in mind. He could have predicted turning someone into a dragon and enhancing their hate on the same day would lead to bad things..
6/22/2021 c67 Perlz
"Not about to accept Snape's sacrifice - idiot man, had he any idea what that would do to Lucius?"

Lol so you put your own self if the way harry? What about Draco? It would kill him.
6/22/2021 c65 Perlz
I loved that Lucius cared that Draco wasnt Severus'. That it continued to bother him cuz he never stopped caring about his mate. And now he knows that he always was severus' in every way that matters :)
6/22/2021 c63 Perlz
DEFINITELY want to see a description of severus and Lucius bonding :)

I know it's been long, but I do hope you continue this fic :)
6/22/2021 c62 Perlz
I'm so glad you mentioned how awful mrs Weasley was to sirius ans she didn't want to let him be a parent to Harry. Most people gloss over that cuz she's "accepted" Harry into her home for a summer and fed him. Tks.
6/22/2021 c59 Perlz
"He insisted on coming with us, even though he knew it was a trap"

So what? He was a grown man and a soldier and his kid was actually in danger...he just lost a fight. He wasn't wrong for being there in the first place.

I'm glad Harry isn't insisting thye dont "hurt Dumbledore" or some such. That he would understand if they killed him or even wished for it. It's gone too far.
6/22/2021 c56 Perlz
"Then he sighed, knowing that he would never be able to turn his back on the wizarding world."

Harry is 16 and he thinks he's responsible for the wizarding world. He's not. Especially for people who won't fight for themselves. He needs a mind healer and help dealing with his savior complex.
Does Harry know how lucky he is that he has so much choice and the malfoys are literally willing to allow him anything and follow him anywhere? It's a decision they should make together.
6/22/2021 c55 Perlz
However, knowing Potter, I have a feeling he won't agree with that wish. He is far too much Gryffindor to just turn his back on a bad situation,"

But it's not just Harry's decision. He has a family now, a mate and it's affecting them horribly. Any father would have the right to remove his kids from school after they were repeatedly attacked and almost killed. Are they staying only to appease Harry?
6/22/2021 c53 Perlz
I felt dracos panic here, lol. I had a vision of him trying to apologize to the elf on Harry's behalf and blabbering about Harry being raised by muggles like a wild child in the woods and not knowing what he's talking about, hehe. Hopefully with Harry rolling his eyes instead of getting offended. Hell he might have screwed up his ans dracos bonding!
6/22/2021 c52 Perlz
I like this rewritten chapter. Lucius explaining Remus' reasonings...it's just..I can't blame him either. living a lifetime with so much grief, and being offered the chance to breathe and have a little sanity after so long...can't blame him if he blames Harry a bit for sirius either. It's canon that Harry was stupid and did know better, though in this fic sirius is the one blamed for not taking the fight seriously enough. Honeslty the truth is there is blame to go around and it's not so simple. Harry can't be completely absolved the way jkr wrote it. At least its something he can learn from.
And Remus genuinely thought Harry would be ok without him. But with all his abandonment issues of course Harry freaked out
6/22/2021 c51 Perlz
but when I think of living my life without him, I-I break out into a cold sweat."

That's as it should be :) I'm so glad they both feel like this.
Even if you know you will survive or find happiness in other ways, the thought of being without them should be a devastating one. Always.
6/22/2021 c51 Perlz
"It wouldn't do to scare Harry like he did yesterday. His mate might be able to forgive him once, but Draco didn't think Harry would be so forgiving a second time"

Now, Draco stopped the second Harry asked him too. It's not that big a deal; I don't think Harry would throw everything away so easily I hope. I'm waiting for them to have a completely equal relationship, in a sense. I think draco would be able to forgive Harry anything. Including his temper and explosive accidents that are part of his elf heritage.
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