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for Not Your Usual Veela Mate

6/22/2021 c50 Perlz
"Veela or not, Mikhail was far too honourable to leave her after she had produced his firstborn child"

He never even tried to find his mate? That's so sad; proof that it could be worse.
6/22/2021 c48 Perlz
"Of course it is me, you bloody git! Who else would it be? Who did you want it to be?" Harry asked, growing suspicious "

Lol. Are you dream-cheating on me?!
Though draco had crazy restraint. They hadn't even kissed yet! As a teenage boy Im wondering that Harry wasn't more into it...but it must have been completely shocking too
6/22/2021 c46 Perlz
"Oh, stop glaring at me, Draco, I'm not the Weasley you need to worry about," Ginny snapped"

Oh she barely had a right to say that. Till a week ago she was hoping Harry would leave Draco for her!
6/22/2021 c45 Perlz
Ah I didn't realize severus and lucius' back story. They were both torn from each other but still in their lives, and both guilty.
6/22/2021 c42 Perlz
Lucius had a feeling that once the two had bonded and had settled down and become more secure in each other, then things would truly become interesting.

I love this.
Also the dursleys attempted murder of a child under their care. they belong in azkaban even if Harry wants to let it go.
6/22/2021 c41 Perlz
Lol actually I was thinking Draco has been keeping a remarkably level head since finding out Harry was his mate. He's calmed him down lots of times.
6/21/2021 c37 Perlz
I'm glad Harry said he wouldnt stop Draco. Ron hurt Harry and tried to KILL Draco, or thele equivalent. how much Draco loves Harry he has a right to act now to protect them both.
6/21/2021 c36 Perlz
I really like how the trunk thing was handled :)
That harry understood the malfoys' concerns and cared, instead of getting angry.
6/21/2021 c36 Perlz
I'm glad ginny doesn't try to be "competition" in this fic. But book/movie Ginny didn't really care what anyone thought, even her family. I don't think she was a good fit for Harry still, (she came off a bit...selfish? Spoiled?) And probably would have been happy with any guy, Harry or not. Even book Draco seemed the more loyal intense type.
Of course she's not the point of this fic at all, but I'm glad shes not a problem.
6/21/2021 c34 Perlz
However, their feelings did not matter at the moment. Harry's did. Lucius had a hunch the youth would not take this well. Furthermore, he would not accept even the smallest hint of accusation, and he did not want a repeat of what had happened the"

Hmm but I thought Harry was understanding of a veela's instincts and "possessiveness" so to speak. At least they haven't fought about it. It's not accusation? Anyone would be upset in draco's place of strangers sending their lovers naked photos. But the relationship is still new; Harry is getting used to his feelings for Draco I think.
6/21/2021 c33 Perlz
"You are not alone anymore, love. And I will not turn my back on you, no matter who you turn out to be"

My god this is a powerful statement!
6/21/2021 c32 Perlz
I admire Severus in this. I mean we all know he is truly loyal, but other people in his position might have just moved on. He's not the veela. Lucius is stuck in a hated marriage and can't be with Severus so technically Severus isn't bound or obliged to him...or so some would say. Severus is still Lucius' only true mate. It would kill lucius to lose him to another.
physically they are not together but emotionally it's a different issue. They are in love and Lucius is trapped. I hope they have a long happy life together; they deserve it after everything.
6/21/2021 c31 Perlz
Draco folded his arms across his chest. "You are not going to that meeting alone!" he stated with a dark look.

"I didn't think I would," Harry said mildly, sending the disgruntled Veela a tender smile"

I love Harry's response here. How understanding and accepting and confident he is and how loving Draco is instantly in return.
6/21/2021 c31 Perlz
"I don't think Harry agrees with you," Lucius said, reluctantly dismissing the idea. "

If Harry is suicidal/or the magical equivalent, he doesnt really get a say. And lucius is sort of monitering them through the pendants.
6/21/2021 c30 Perlz
This was the sweetest.
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