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for Not Your Usual Veela Mate

9/27/2005 c1 16rowlinghermione
so... it's slash? Draco and Harry... this is so not veela like. this is more gaylike/
9/27/2005 c8 1fifespice
excellent go Harry i love this and he seems happier with the malfoys looks like he should have been a slytherin all along lol please update soon
9/26/2005 c8 yuiop
THis is great please update @
9/26/2005 c8 25Phoebe Halliwell
I loved it and I can't wait to see what happens next, this is a great Draco Veela story and I should know since they are my favouite kind and it's hard to find one that differs from the rest. Keep up the great work.
9/26/2005 c8 Elektra107
That was a great chapter! Please update soon!
9/25/2005 c8 1twitchyfingers
Great story, please update soon! PLEASE!
9/25/2005 c8 5Makalani Astral
so good! love slytherin harry.
9/25/2005 c8 TeeDee
Marvelous! I love this new chapter. Harry seems a bit more complicated than even they expected. Craco will have his hands full
9/25/2005 c8 ME
brillant! i luv it! update soon!
9/24/2005 c8 4Adrienne L. Mendal

good hob cf
9/24/2005 c8 MaraWeaves
Cool, I could just see Snape's face after reading Harry's essay. Priceless. I can hardly wait for the prank!
9/24/2005 c8 Lubbleeone
Hee hee hee whats he going to do to the headmaster?

well...update soonlyness!

I send lots of love hugs and cookies!

from me

9/24/2005 c8 7Draeconin
Very clever, and very entertaining. :-)
9/24/2005 c8 Lavinia
WOW! that was bloody brilliant! I'll wait for more! Please, upload soon
9/24/2005 c8 4Danish Pastry 28
well that was impressive. I would have commented that Harry is now too clever and made a statement or two about how silly it would be to purposely fail your own exams if you didn't have to but then your reasoning made sense so I didnt feel I had to. I like your explanation of Harry's childhood as it does make sense in some ways. Update soon

Love Danish

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